Sacramento School Trip Guide

Sacramento is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is also a very popular destination for school groups. Here’s a helpful resource for those interested in organizing a school trip for their students. Check out Plan for our guide on how to create the best trip for your students with important info on where to visit, eat and sleep for your groups needs and for tips on how to plan for insurance, accommodations and more. Read Pack for what to bring for specific regions and seasons and Prepare for language tips, facts and local know-how.

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Why should my student group visit Sacramento?

A trip to Sacramento can be a great way for elementary classes to experience travel, learn American history and visit a fascinating city. Perfect for any age, from elementary school graduation trips to high school Drama or Music class trips.

As Sacramento has so much to offer, the best first step is to determine the intended focus of the trip. For example:

Educational Student Trip – Curriculum-related activities that bring to life the subjects of the classroom.

Outdoor Adventure – Focus on outdoor, physical activities that go beyond the city’s limits.

 Arts – Fill your itinerary with visits to stunning museums, famous landmarks, breath-taking sights, unique architecture and more.

Community Service – Want to make an impact with your travels? There are a number of destinations throughout Sacramento that offer a chance to put some volunteer hours to good use while being immersed in a local community.

Mixed focus – A balance of educational activities, outdoor activities, and cultural focus. The variety of geography, culture and outdoor within Sacramento makes for a well-rounded trip.

Download the link above to read the complete school trip planning guide!

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Luggage – Any seasoned traveller will tell you that the lighter – the better! When moving from place to place, don’t be weighed down by extra clothes, shoes or items. A small or medium sized suitcase or duffel will be perfect for your trip to Sacramento. For the organized packer, it’s very handy to have a couple spare plastic bags for wet clothes or separated laundry! For day trips, bring a backpack and a safe document or money holder that sits close to the body under a shirt or a fanny pack.

• Small or medium suitcase or duffel bag
• Backpack and/or purse for day trips and overnights
• Safe money holder or fanny pack
• Extra plastic bags / ziplocks

ClothingSacramento enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is pleasantly mild throughout most of the year, with the exception of summer where temperatures are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (35C) for many days in July and August (sometimes even June). The low humidity keeps things moderately comfortable even as the temperature rises.

General Packing List 
• Socks, underwear, bras
• 2 pair of jeans
• 2-3 t-shirts
• 1 long sleeve shirts
• 1 light sweaters or sweatshirt
• 1 Rainjacket/Raincoat
• Hat
• Shoes – Bring shoes that are comfortable and supportive for hiking or for walking in the city.
• Sleepwear

Accessories and Toiletries – Below are items for keeping you charged, comfortable and prepared. Before your trip, make sure you have spoken to a travel doctor about medications you will need and pack all necessary prescriptions.

• Daily Use: sunglasses, watch, compass, lock
• Entertainment: camera, phone, book, diary
• Waterbottle, sunscreen, hand sanitizer
• Toothbrush & toothpaste
• Soap, shampoo & conditioner
• Medications

What to leave at HomeCarrying around extra pounds of luggage isn’t worth those extra shoes or that shirt you wear just one time. If you need help eliminating an item or two, check out the list below:
• Less practical and/or fancy clothing
• More shoes than needed
• Many heavy books
• BIG bottles of toiletries – swap for travel sized containers
• Heavy towels


Sacramento Fun Facts 

  1. Sacramento, also known as “the city of trees,” was named by Spanish explorers for the amount of ash trees in the region.
  2. Produce from the farms of Sacramento is shipped all across the United States.
  3. Sacramento is California’s sixth capital, since 1854, and has been the state capital on two different occasions.
  4. Sacramento features an extensive network of tunnels beneath the city’s foundations, built during the raising of the city to avoid flooding.
  5. Sacramento’s $68 million renovation of the Capitol building in 1976 was the largest restoration project of that time in U.S. history.