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Are you a nomad? A backpacker? A world-wide traveler?
Are you curious? Adventurous? Do you like exploring new places?

If you enjoy learning about new cultures, new people, and new ways of thinking…. then you’re going to want to continue reading…

If you like to get your heart beating, your blood pumping, your adrenaline rushing… then we need YOU.

If you have more experiences than you can remember, and more stories than you would need to fill a novel… or two… or three…

…Then we have a job offer for YOU!
Evolve Tours is looking for travel bloggers from around the world. We want to build a community of interesting, dynamic, and inquisitive travelers to keep our website hopping with  rich new content all the time. We are looking for writers with a solid base in the English language and a  witty writing style on top of having a strong understanding of which online content drives engagement. We want writers who can educate, entertain, and expose our audience to a world outside of their comfort zone.

Interested so far? Here’s more information regarding the position…
Evolve Tours is an educational travel provider with a keen eye for interactive experiences and innovative learning. We value the life lessons that can be taught outside of a classroom, and strive to incorporate such learning opportunities into each trip itinerary that we customize. We work with schools and student groups to arrange custom-built travel plans, aiding in both the planning process and serving as comprehensive guides during the trips themselves. For more information regarding the Evolve Tours brand, check out our website:
An up-to-date travel blog would help encourage contemporary learning techniques outside of the trips themselves. The idea is to keep students thinking from new perspectives even once they have returned home. This collection of distinctive posts would also entice those less traveled to venture outside of their limits and see the world, as well as spreading the idea of educational travel worldwide.

So, what are your thoughts?

If you are interested in this opportunity, feel free to contact Kelsey at for information regarding compensation, and/or specific details. In your email please include a few samples of your work and let us know a little bit about yourself.