Evolve Tours is committed to preserving and improving the precious world we live in. Whether it’s through community service projects, environmental work, or carbon offsetting our flights, our goal is to promote sustainable travel practices, the beautification of our planet, and the empowerment of our students to continue to improve. Its our commitment to sustainability.

Paper Printing

Since 2009, Evolve has discontinued the print production of our brochures. This is just a small step in the right direction. Over the next 5 years we have set a plan to lower our environmental impact by limiting the use of paper in our offices through the use of automation in our company’s administrative processes.

Carbon Offset

Evolve is proud to be recognized as an industry pioneer by offering carbon neutral travel services.  Carbon neutral travel services are being offered to help fight climate change. When you book a trip through Evolve, you can voluntarily choose to purchase carbon offsets to reduce the climate impact of your flight. Simply enter your flight information into the Offsetters’ carbon calculator here to calculate and purchase offsets for your air travel.


Depending on your destination, we partner with local permaculture and eco-tourism lodges in pristine environments around the world.  Groups use and consume only locally, sustainably produced products & food while learning how to exhibit a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.