Evolve Tours plans and executes educational tours and school trips for school and youth groups to many destinations worldwide. We strive to be the most dynamic company in youth travel. Character development, curricular-tied itineraries, language programs, community service projects, outdoor education and challenge sports are some of the objectives of our customized teacher led trips.

Our Philosophy: Experiential Education
  1. Profound learning has greater significance when it is discovered through first hand experience.
  2. Learning through experience can act as a perfect metaphor for real life.
  3. Interaction with engaged tour guides compliment classroom learning with in-field learning.


Online Registration

Did you know that Evolve Tours offers online registration? This means we take care of everything from payment collection, form distribution and emailing students for you. Simply discuss the online options with your tour coordinator. Cut down on the time spent organizing your trip and all the paper! This is just another way how were delivering a quality trip planning experience.


We offer many rewards for referrals and to repeat customers. Please ask your tour coordinator how we can reward you for being a loyal Evolve Tours customer.

Travel Green

Evolve Tours always strives to continuously improve the way we operate our company, service our clients, help out the communities we travel in and take care of the environment. Evolve Tours wants students to be part of the local culture and contribute to the environment and socio-cultural places we visit.