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Highlights of Jordan Tour

January 11, 2017

Jordan Tour offers ancient history, picturesque landscape, warm hospitality, and amazing food.

Float in the Dead Sea, explore the historic city of Petra, jeep through the desert and sleep in Bedouin tents, and much more. This Jordan tour is designed to maximize the experiential education of your students as they explore the history, geography, culture, and beauty that exists in Jordan.

Jordan is one of the safest country’s in the Middle East and provides and amazing opportunity to explore the beauty, history and warmth of an often misunderstood country and region.

Reasons to visit Jordan include:

  • You don’t know what hummus is until you’ve had it here
  • The country has a rich tradition of pampering
  • There are ancient archaeological sites in the middle of the capital
  • You’ve never seen anything like Petra
  • It’s one of the best places to see early Islamic art in its original setting
  • It’s simply a beautiful, warm, historic, and awesome country to visit!

Highlights of the tour include:

  • Guided tour of Amman
  • Visit Um Qais, a city rich with basalt ruins and overlooking the Jordan Valley
  • Explore the village of Ajlun with its fortress and magnificent view
  • Tour Jerash, one of the most preserved Graeco-Roman cities in the Middle East
  • Visit the Desert Castles of Azraq, Amra and Kharaneh
  • Float in and enjoy the minerals and mud of the Dead Sea
  • Visit the Christian Town of Madaba, “The City of Mosaics”
  •  Tour the monastery at Mount Nebo
  • Full day guided hiking tour of the Dana Reserve
  • Full day exploring Petra:
    • Tour  the ancient Nabatean Capital -on horseback!
    • Walk through the Siq, a long narrow fissure between two overhanging cliffs
    • Explore the f the Red Rose City, Royal Tombs, burial chambers and high places of sacrifice
  • Enjoy a Jordanian cooking class
  • Tour Beida, the place where the Nabateans used to entertain their guests
  • Jeep tour and hike through the Wadi Rum Desert
  • Overnight hospitality and accommodation at a Bedouin village
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