Highlights of Cameroon Trip: The Land & the People

Starting Price $3700 per person
Trip Duration 17 Days
Availibility All Year
Activity Level Medium level of fitness
What To Expect

Interaction with the local community is central to Evolve Cameroon. We’ll have the opportunity to learn about daily life with the help of an interpreter, learn traditional practices like collecting medicinal plants and fishing, and we will get to see the natural beauty of the land.

Educational Benefits

This trip is for those truly seeking an experience off the beaten path and who want to be immersed in a pristine culture, people, and land.


Student trip itineraries are completely customizable for your groups desires and needs.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - Depart for Cameroon

Meet your group at the airport with plenty of time to check in and board your plane. Depart for Cameroon!

Day 2 - Doula

Arrival at Yaoundé International Airport where you will meet your Evolve Tours guide and local tour leader who will be standing with a sign reading your group’s name. Get a private transfer to your hotel in the city center. Enjoy a group dinner and trip orientation.

Day 3 - Chimpanzee Sanctuary

We will make our way to a German colonial town on the banks of the wider river in Cameroon. We’ll walk down a pretty path to reach the area where the oldest local Christian church was erected. Cross beautiful colonial plantations and paths of original forest before we come to the chimpanzee sanctuary. We will meet the local guards who will take us with motored pirogues to the islands where apes have been freed to get used to living in the wild again. We will have a picnic at the sanctuary and will later drive to a beautiful tropical lake where hundreds of birds nest every year.

Day 4 - Train & Travel

Have an early breakfast this morning in the valley region before setting out on a drive towards the capital. Today will be mainly a travel day, passing the forested mountain scenery along the way, and we will reach each location with plenty of time to dine and relax. We will board a train upon arriving at the station and begin talking about the jungle part of the tour! We will spend the night in the train, reading, playing cards, or simply relaxing before reaching our destination.

Day 5 - Capital City

Arrival at the capital region. This is an important place for trading the cattle and cotton of the area and also serves as the railway connection of Northern Cameroon and Chad. Despite the economic growth, the city has kept a medieval atmosphere around the palace. We will have breakfast and visit the Sultanate, the old market, and the city’s beautiful surroundings: waterfalls, traditional villages, and wonderful plateau scenery. Today you will be introduced to Muslim Cameroon which is so different from the Animistic and Christian South and so beautiful as well.

Day 6 - Valley Trek

Enjoy delicious seasonal and locally made marmalade and freshly baked bread with your breakfast. From there we will begin our descent of a nearby valley. You will feel the climate change while enjoying spectacular views of this African plain. The more modern villages will be gone after some 20km and the traditional adobe villages will begin to spring up along the road. We will eat along the way in one of the local markets beside the road, enjoying grilled meat, corn, sweet potatoes, bananas, and biscuits. We will reach the valley’s capital in the afternoon and stroll along the main street before we settle into one of the tribal camps beside the town. We will enjoy dinner under the African sky and we will share stories with our Mbororo hosts.

Day 7 - Alantika Mountains

Enjoy eating breakfast in the group as you stay in the middle of the African Savannah. We will begin our drive towards a beautiful river, with our route depending on the state of the dust road. We will soon reach the villages on the Alantika Mountains. This is without doubt one of the trip’s highlights due to the marvelous scenery and the traditional way of life that you will experience. We will walk though millet fields, small villages, and a couple of streams before we reach a traditional mountain hamlet inhabited by just a few families of an animistic tradition. The families are very hospitable and warm and are happy to share with their guests who have traveled to their remote mountains to meet them. We will install our tents (the carriers will help us install them), have dinner and enjoy the warmth and customs of our hosts.

Day 8 - Alantika Village

Enjoy breakfast in the Alantika Mountains. We will learn about the daily rituals of the families before a refreshing bath in the nearby river. Here, the families’ lives revolve around the millet fields. Before and after the main crop seasons, they organize dancing festivities where they drink fermented millet. If we come across these festivities, we will ask permission to become part of the celebration. The men combine the work on the fields with bow and arrow hunting. You will be faced with an African society that is strongly attached to their traditional values and a willingness to preserve itself from modernity.

Day 9 - Alantika Village

After breakfast you will take a short walk to town to make a last visit to the Sultan’s palace near the mosque and then start the return trip to the capital. On our way we can stop in one of the several Mbororo nomadic camps. The Mbororo are interesting to visit for many reasons, one of which is the beauty of their people: tall, sophisticated hairstyling, and amazing tattoos on their faces and bodies. We’ll have dinner here, upon our arrival in town.

Day 10 - Train & Travel

We will take an early breakfast in the valley region before setting out on a drive towards the capital. Today will be mainly a travel day. We will pass forested mountain scenery along the way and we will reach each location with plenty of time to dine and relax. Then we will board our overnight train to take us onward to Yaoundé Reserve.

Day 11 - Yaoundé Reserve

Wake up in Yaoundé, the capital, and depart for the remote East. The road will be partially paved and partial a dirt road, which goes through panoramic scenery of jungle, old colonial plantations, old German towns and picturesque mud villages inhabited by Bantu speaking people. We will take lunch on our way to the last urban enclave before entering a Wild Reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, we will be received by a local family who will be our hosts, our cooks, our guides and our friends during our stay in the region. Delicious dinner under the stars with our family ends our evening.

Day 12 - Jungle Trek & Camp

Have breakfast in the area and settle in. After, we will go into town where, despite modern elements, there are many houses built in the traditional Bantu style of bamboo, palm leaves, and red mud. The ethnic group has inhabited this jungle area since the 13th Century. After the visit we will start our jungle expedition. After crossing the nearby river, we will walk through the jungle accompanied by a park guard, a native guide and carriers with our tents, food and bottled water. When we reach the hunting and gathering camp we will present ourselves to the different families. We will relax in the rainforest and begin soaking in the local culture. Thanks to our local interpreter we will exchange some words with our hosts. It is a good idea to bring some pictures of your people, home or pets back home to show! Dinner at the camp and possible polyphonic yodels by the women!

Day 13 - Jungle Experience

Have an early breakfast before partaking in jungle activities with our hosts. Activities may include: gathering fruit, roots, and honey and hunting. After this experience, we will say goodbye to our hosts and return to town. We will depart back to Yaoundé via the colonial town where we will have lunch. We will have a short visit to the old German quarter and then drive to Yaoundé, where a warm shower and comfortable hotel bed will be waiting.

Day 14 - Beach

After breakfast, we will make the last visits to Cameroon’s capital, and compare it to the natural and simple life of the camp, just a few hours away in the jungle. From Yaoundé we will continue to the Atlantic coast, to the white sand beaches that stretch from a small colonial German center towards the Equatorial Guinea border. There will be plenty of time for relaxing, eating freshly caught seafood, and enjoying walks along the coast. Stay in a hotel in front of the Ocean, not far from beautiful waterfalls.

Day 15 - Waterfall Trek

Have breakfast and walk along the beach to the fantastic falls. We’ll eat a delicious dish of Cameroonian ‘camaroes’, or river shrimps, on the beach facing the waterfalls. In the evening, enjoy the city in the central part of town as we explore by foot.

Day 16 - Kribi - Douala

Our breakfast today is as a group in front of the beach. Take in your last hours to enjoy the tropical atmosphere and relax on the beach. After lunch, visit to see the Cameroonian artisan products of the flower market. We’ll have a farewell Cameroonian dinner and depart to the airport with the guide. Arrive with plenty of time to check in and board your plane as a group.

Day 17 - Homeward Bound

Arrive home to share your amazing stories from your Cameroonian adventure!

  • Airfare
    Roundtrip group airfare to Cameroon
  • Bus
    Private coach transportation as needed for duration of tour
  • Communities
    We will spend nights at facilities at local communities
  • Dorm
    Centrally located, student friendly dorms

Daily breakfasts and dinners included in tour. Meals at locally owned and run restaurants serving authentic cuisine sufficient for teenage appetites.

Meet Our Leaders
David Garfinkle
Did you know?

The Cameroon flag has a star and three colours; green for vegetation, red for independence and yellow for sunshine.

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