Explore Iceland: Summer Teen Experience – 9 Day

Price $3772 per person
Number Of: Students: 7-22
Trip Dates Jul 08, 2019 -
Jul 16, 2019
Activity Level Very High level of fitness
  • Day Tour of the Golden Circle
  • Explore the dramatic and stunning landscape at Þingvellir National Park
  • Up close with Gullfoss waterfall
  • Geothermal active valley of Haukadalur, including active geysers!
  • Explore Snaefellsjokull National Park
  • Head underground on a Lava Cave Tour
  • Soothe our muscles and mind in Blue Lagoon’s warm & healing waters
  • Full Day exploring and hiking on Vestmannaeyjar
  • Classical music concert at the Icelandic
    National Concert and Conference Centreor similar
  • Multi-day trip to Skaftafell National Park
  • Visit Jokulsarlon, the most famous glacier lagoon in Iceland
  • Strap on some crampons on a glacier hike
  • Learn about the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajokull volcano up close
  • Embark on a full day Renewable Energy Tour
  • Visit Viking World to learn about the fascinating history of the early settlement of Iceland
What To Expect

The tiny island country of Iceland is quickly growing into a favourite tourist destination, while the natural beauty and incredible architecture have yet to be tainted by the influx of outsiders. Join us and discover waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers and lagoons that make Iceland’s landscape a true wonder. Every path leads to an extraordinary natural wonder which makes for a truly memorable trip!

Educational Benefits

Iceland is unlike any place we’ve ever been in the world. The clustered geology, geography, and natural environments bring natural sciences to life, what could be straight out of a fairy tale!

Open to students in Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12.


All activities, meals, bus transportation and accommodations are included in the the cost!

Flights are not included in the tour cost.

Total trip cost is priced in USD.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - Travel to Reykjavik, Iceland


Participants will arrive in beautiful Reykjavik, the country´s capital city.

This is where you will be greeted by your energetic and enthusiastic Evolve Tour guide and begin your adventure.

The tour begins by traveling a few hours to the magnificent landscapes of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, where you will embark on an magical tour around Snaefellsjokull National Park. The National Park is the westernmost part of the peninsula and is bursting with breathtaking landscape, geology, flora & fauna!  You will become mesmerized by the sparkling ice cap of the volcano, impressed by the rock formations from all periods in the geological history of Iceland, marvel at its steep cliffs, mountains, waterfalls and lava fields and bask in the glory of the sea. The diversity of the park’s landscape is truly spectacular.


The awe and wonder of the Snaefellsjokull National Park will surely stimulate an appetite. We will make a stop for lunch and get satiated before continuing our travels to the towns of Arnastapi and Hellnar. Arnastapi is home to some of the most extraordinary cliff formations. We will walk the seaside passage to see the famous Gatklettur “Arch Rock” and the Londrangar Basalt Cliffs. At the completion of our hike, we will take a much needed rest in a lovely seaside café called Fjöruhúsið in Hellnar.


Before the sun sets, we will stop at Kirkjuffell for a chance to see the “most photographed” mountain in the country and its waterfall vista. From there, we will head to our accommodation, where participants will have time to get settled in before heading out for dinner as a group.

Day 2 - Vatnshellir Cave, Gerðuberg Cliffs and Eldborg Crater, Back to Reykjavik


We will begin our day inside Vatnshellir Cave, an 8,000 year old lava tube created by volcanic eruption. How is a lava tube formed? On this tour, you’ll be amazed! 


Tour the Eldborg Crater, which stands 100 meters above sea level and 60 meters above the surrounding lava field. It last erupted approximately 5000-6000 years ago!

Next we will visit the impressive Gerðuberg Cliffs with their stunning basalt columns. They are 12-14 meters high and approximately 1.5 meters in diameter!


We will make our way back to Reykjavik. We will take some time to settle into our new accommodation before an evening exploration of the capital city of Iceland!

We will enjoy dinner together as a group before retiring for the night.

Day 3 - Travel to Skaftafell National Park

For the next few days we will make our way to Skaftafell National Park in Southeast Iceland. We will have many stops on our drive to the park today.


We will pass over the Thjorsa River which is one of the longest of all rivers in Iceland. We will then move on to Seljalandsfoss; a unique waterfall where the water pours 65 m down over a former sea cliff that we’ll be able to walk behind to get a new perspective on the falls.

Pass by Eyjafjallajokull. The 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajokull caused enormous disruption to air travel across western and northern Europe over an initial period of six days in April. We will also explore the area affected by a Jokulhlaup (glacier burst) from this recent volcano eruption. Here the students will see some of the damages and evidence of the glacial floodwater that washed down the valley.

We will also visit Skógarfoss, one of Iceland’s most magnificent and famous waterfalls. Here we will have the opportunity to take a staircase up alongside the waterfall for an aerial view of the falls.


After lunch, visit Reynisfjara beach, widely regarded as the most impressive black-sand beach in Iceland. The beach features an amazing cliff and spectaculary shaped basalt sea stacks. The area is rich birdlife, including puffins, fulmars  and guillemots.


We will check into our new accommodation in Horgsland and enjoy dinner this evening.

Day 4 - Skaftafell National Park – Glacier Hike, Glacier Lagoon


After breakfast we will participate in a glacier hike: strap on some crampons (provided) as we hike over glacier ice surrounded by beautiful scenery all the while. We will participate in a half day hike to explore this beautiful National Park. The view we will see is of majestic mountains surrounding the glaciers and the ever reshaping formations of Ice. This tour will provide you with plenty of photo opportunities and the chance to gain an understanding of this magnificent glacier its formations and constant change.


We will visit Jokulsarlon, the most famous glacier lagoon in Iceland. We spend some time exploring Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Experience an up-close look at these incredible ice formations as our guide teaches us about the lagoon, glacier and surrounding area. We will also take a walk alongside the lake, on the black sand shores. Keep a lookout for seals which are often spotted in the lagoon.


Return to our accommodation in Horgsland after a long day.

Day 5 - Vestmannaeyjar and Eldfell Hike

Today we will be travelling to Vestmannaeyjar, an archipelago off the south coast of Iceland known for its volcanic activity, bird watching, and biodiversity.


Take the ferry to Vestmannaeyjar. Have time to see the many birds and beautiful features on the island on a walking tour.


After lunch, we will take a hike up Eldfell. Eldfell is a mountain that was created during a volcanic eruption in 1973. The top of the mountain is full of colourful lava formations, and offers stunning views of the town below and volcanos in the distance.

Evening Check into our accommodation in Hella.

Day 6 - Gjáin canyon, Þjórsárdalur valley, the Stöng Viking farm & the Stöng Replica Manor Farm


After breakfast we will head to Þjórsárdalur valley, one of the most scenic areas in Iceland formed by the volcanic eruptions. We will visit Gjáin canyon, a hidden gem with waterfalls and lava caves to explore.


We will visit the the Stöng Viking farm excavation site and the Stöng Replica Manor Farm. The excavated farm Stöng is believed to have been destroyed in the Hekla eruption in the year 1104!


Return to our accommodation in Hella

Day 7 - Golden Circle

Today we will be travelling what us known as the Golden Circle: a loop from Reykjavík into central Iceland and back providing an introduction to some of Iceland’s most interesting and unique locations.


Our first stop will be at Gullfoss waterfall.  We will explore the powerful, multi-tiered falls up close. Learn about the plans to use the falls to generate electricity, and the ultimate demise of the plan.

Next we will visit the geothermal active valley of Haukadalur. Here geology truly comes to life, as we witness the geysers Strokkur and Geysir erupt before our eyes! Great Geysir shoots boiling water up to 70 metres in the air, and was the original geyser which led to naming all future geysers. Our guide will teach us about the geothermal history and activity that makes this a truly incredible visit. We will visit a number of hot pools and springs in the Geyser geothermal area.


After lunch, visit Þingvellir National Park. The park lies on the border between the North American and European tectonic plates, causing dramatic and stunning landscape in what was one of the primary settlements in early Icelandic history. We will explore the park’s visitor Centre, offering an interactive, multimedia introduction to the park. “Dive into” the habitat of lake Þingvallavatn and view unique close-up footage of fish in the lake, such as the brown trout or the four separate species of arctic charr. We will have a chance to take a light hike to visit Lake Þingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland with a very unique biosphere.


Overnight accommodation in Reykjavik

Day 8 - Renewable Energy Tour, Leidarendi Cave Tour, Live Music in Reykjavik


Today we will have many stops with the total focus being on renewable energy. Students will have guided visits, tours, and inside access to the Hellisheidarvirkjun Geothermal Power Plant. Here students will participate in a guided exploration of the plant which includes an information session and interactive displays detailing this revolutionary power source.

We will also visit the Reykjardalur (the Smokey Valley), a geothermal valley perfect for bathing in the hot rivers. A 45 minute hike on trails into a magnificent nature filled with canyons, waterfalls and geothermal excitement!


Enjoy time to explore the Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and all the city has to offer.


After dinner tonight, we will head to a live musical performance! Attend a classical music concert at the Icelandic National Concert and Conference Centre, pending availability, or similar event and venue on our final night in Iceland! Return to our accommodation to pack up, debrief, and prepare for departure tomorrow.

Day 9 - Return Home


After one last breakfast in the city, we’ll depart and head towards Viking World, where we will learn about the fascinating history of the early settlement of Iceland.


Then, soothe our sore muscles in the warm waters of Blue Lagoon. Rich in minerals like silica and sulphur, the water is supposed to have various healing qualities, and with average temperatures of 37–39 °C, it sure feels great! The lagoon also offers showers and change rooms to utilize after our swim to change and dress for our flight home.


Transfer to the Reykajavik International airport and check-in to travel home, after an amazing trip to Iceland! 


  • Airfare
    International airfare is not included in the tour cost.
  • Private Transport
    Private vehicle transportation in Iceland as needed
  • Hostels
    Centrally located, student friendly hostels
  • Hotels
    Centrally located, student friendly, 3 * minimum, acclaimed hotels

Daily breakfast and dinner included in tour. Meals at locally owned and run restaurants and accommodations serving authentic cuisine sufficient for all appetites.

Meet Our Leaders
Kelsey Ostrander
Did you know?

Roughly 85 percent of Iceland’s energy is from renewable resources, and well over half of that is geothermal alone.

Places You’ll Visit

Snaefellsjokull National Park

Known by many as the jewel of Iceland.


Visit the lava field located in the Gullborg crater.

Þingvellir National Park

Gullfoss waterfall

A magical waterfall to visit!


Skaftafell National Park

Used to be a manor farm and a national park.


A large glacial lake!

Blue Lagoon

Soothe our muscles and mind in Blue Lagoon’s warm & healing waters.


One of Iceland’s most magnificent and famous waterfalls.