Iceland Family Adventure Tour

Starting Price $3545 per person
Trip Duration 10 Days
Availibility All Year
Activity Level Very High level of fitness
  • Explore Snaefellsjokull National Park
  • Tour crater Gullborg and the lava field Gullborgarhraun created by volcanic eruption
  • Day Tour of the Golden Circle
  • Explore the dramatic and stunning landscape at Þingvellir National Park
  • Up close with Gullfoss waterfall
  • Geothermal active valley of Haukadalur, including active geysers!
  • Visit geothermal power plants, hydro power plants and a bio methane filling station
  • Embark on a full day Renewable Energy Tour
  • Multi-day trip to Skaftafell National Park
  • Visit Jokulsarlon, the most famous glacier lagoon in Iceland
  • Head out at night to ‘hunt’ for Aurora Borealis
  • Strap on some crampons on a glacier hike
  • Head underground on a Lava Cave Tour
  • Soothe our muscles and mind in Blue Lagoon’s warm & healing waters
  • Classical music concert at the Icelandic National Concert and Conference Centre, or similar location
  • Learn about the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajokull volcano up close
What To Expect

The tiny island country of Iceland is quickly growing into a favourite tourist destination, while the natural beauty and incredible architecture have yet to be tainted by the influx of outsiders. Witness the most reliable geyser, Strokkur, spew lava one day, then take a bike tour through stunning valleys and small cities the next!

Educational Benefits

Iceland is unlike any place we’ve ever been in the world. The clustered geology, geography, and natural environments bring natural sciences to life, what could be straight out of a fairy tale!


Family trip itineraries are completely customizable for your group, desires, and needs.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - Travel to Reykjavik, Iceland

Take an overnight flight to Reykjavik, Iceland.

Day 2 - Snaefellsnes

Tour around Snaefellsjokull National Park, offering a variety of landscape, geology, flora & fauna that will serve as a nice introduction to the trip. Get a good nights’ sleep for big days ahead.

Day 3 - Hnappadalur Lava Tube Hike, Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik

Enter the 670 meter cave, which offers a fun and exciting exploration of a geologically unique cave system. Take a dip in nearby geothermal pools. Explore area and then return to Reykjavik.

Day 4 - Golden Circle

Visit the Golden Circle: a loop from Reykjavík into central Iceland and back providing an introduction to some of Iceland’s most interesting and unique national parks, waterfalls, and geothermal geysers.

Day 5 - Renewable Energy Tour

Visit hot spring areas, taste earth-cooked food, see two geothermal power plants, two hydro power plants and a bio methane filling station with guided visits, tours, and inside access!  Become educated experts on the progressive state of energy production and consumption in Iceland.

Day 6 - Skaftafell National Park

Head to Skaftafell National Park in Southeast Iceland. On route, visit volcanoes, rivers, glacier lagoons, and more! This evening we will go out on the hunt for the incredible Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) at Jokulsarlon.

Day 7 - Skaftafell National Park

At the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, take a possible boat ride among icebergs in the water. Keep a lookout for seals while you’re there! Strap on some crampons and embark on glacier hike and then learn about the 2010  Eyjafjallajokull eruption next.

Day 8 - Cave Tour, Blue Lagoon, Live Music in Reykjavik

Explore lava formations, stalactites and unexpected colours on an underground lava tube cave tour. Soothe sore muscles in the warm and mineral-rich waters of Blue Lagoon. Enjoy a live musical performance at the Icelandic National Concert Centre in the evening or somewhere similar.

Day 9 - Return Home

After one last breakfast in the city, we’ll depart as a group to the airport to catch our flight home.

  • Airfare
    Roundtrip group airfare to Iceland
  • Private Transport
    Private vehicle transportation in Iceland as needed
  • Eco Lodge
    Evolve works with eco-lodges and promtoes sustainable living practices
  • Hostels
    Centrally located, student friendly hostels
  • Hotels
    Centrally located, student friendly, 3 * minimum, acclaimed hotels

Daily breakfast and dinner included in tour. Meals at locally owned and run restaurants and accommodations serving authentic cuisine sufficient for all appetites.

Meet Our Leaders
Kelsey Ostrander
Did you know?

Roughly 85 percent of Iceland’s energy is from renewable resources, and well over half of that is geothermal alone.

Places You’ll Visit

Snaefellsjokull National Park

Known by many as the jewel of Iceland.


Visit the lava field located in the Gullborg crater.

Þingvellir National Park

Gullfoss waterfall

A magical waterfall to visit!


Skaftafell National Park

Used to be a manor farm and a national park.


A large glacial lake!

Blue Lagoon

Soothe our muscles and mind in Blue Lagoon’s warm & healing waters.


Learn about the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajokull volcano up close.