Costa Rican Environmental Science Trip

Starting Price $4100 per person
Trip Duration 21 Days
Availibility All Year
Activity Level High level of fitness

-Work with goats, hens, ducks and fish, ensuring proper care and breeding is taking place

-Plant trees and create a pathway project to help the local ecosystem

-Explore the country’s exotic flora and fauna on group hikes

-Help create colourful and delicious local dishes to eat

-Develop a local garden initiative

What To Expect

Costa Rica may not look like a typical classroom, but this country is an ideal setting to learn about environmental science in. While interacting with locals and exploring the unique flora and fauna around the country, students will develop fundamental knowledge and skills that will not only help them academically, but in every future challenge. From environmental changes and how they relate to society, to sustainable agriculture and forestry, Evolve Tours Academy is the perfect way to spend a high school course.

Costa Rica is known for its progressive environmental policies and is the only country to meet all five criteria established to measure environmental sustainability. On top of that, it is set to become the first carbon-neutral country by 2021. These two reasons alone make Costa Rica the top choice to learn about environmental science.

Students will bring everything they learn to life in the warm climate, including tree planting, starting a local garden initiative, visiting local water and waste treatment plants, designing and building eco-structures and researching government initiatives. Complete a course was never so much fun! Have the time of your life swimming, eating amazing local food and hiking up mountains for that one-of-a-kind sunset picture.

Educational Benefits

Grade 11 Environmental Science (SVN 3M1)

-Worth one credit

-Prerequisite: applied or academic Grade 10 science



This trip is customized to the curriculum of the credit being offered.

  • Airfare Included
    Includes return coach airfare from Toronto
  • Ground Transportation
    All ground transportation is provided by coach bus or van
  • Eco-lodge
    Stay with a clear mind at a locally run eco-lodge.
  • Hotel
    The kind of hotels that make you want to dive into the bed and never get up.

From the staple of black beans and rice called Pinto, to the abundant fresh fruits and vegetable, Costa Rican cuisine never disappoints. Banana’s bigger cousin, the plantain, is often fried up and served with breakfast, or put into soups and stews for the rest of the day.

Tres leche is the drool-worthy national dessert of Costa Rica, and consists of three layers of custard flan.

Don’t worry about refreshment, either. Refrescos (blended fresh fruit and ice) are sold on every corner.

Meet Our Leaders
Kate Lindner
Marta Fabregas
Did you know?

Costa Rica aims to be carbon neutral by 2021.