Patagonia Great Frontier

Starting Price $3200 per person
Trip Duration 14 Days
Availibility All Year
Activity Level Very High level of fitness
What To Expect

Welcome to the end of civilization, where mountains exist without names, rivers remain pristine from human hands, where the Huemul deer roam free, and where the South American gauchos fiercely hold their last stand to live in unison with nature. Evolve Patagonia will take you on a trip of a lifetime where groups will immerse in local will community projects to help with the sustainability of this remaining unadulterated nook of the world.

Educational Benefits

Patagonia is truly the last great frontier for any true adventurer.


Student trip itineraries are completely customizable for your groups desires and needs

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - Travel to Chile

Board our overnight flight to Chile.

Day 2 - Welcome to Chile

Arrive in Santiago and take a 3 hour connecting flight to Balmaceda to the Aysen Region of Chile. Take an evening introductory class on the Region’s history, geography, local dialect of the Spanish language and enjoy a ranch meal cooked in the traditional way as well!

Day 3 - Puerto Bertrand

Continue on drive south on the Carretera Austral along the second largest lake in South America, Lago General Carrera. After a 5-Hour drive with endless views of glaciers, lakes, forests, and unnamed peaks, we arrive in Puerto Bertrand at the headwaters of the Rio Baker, Chile’s most voluminous river.

Day 4 - Cultural Interchange

Drive one-hour south to Cochrane (pop.2500). Have a morning meeting and activity with a local high school based around cultural exchange. Students from the area will present their view of their local geography and then the group will present an overview of the geography where they come from.

Day 5 - Community Service

Today we will build a new cattle ramp to load onto the Balsa Colonia (projects will vary). This improvement will benefit all the local sustenance ranchers in the area who have not been able to get their product to the market in Cochrane since the floods of the Baker changed the loading ramp.

Day 6 - Colonia Valley

Hike 4 hours up the Colonia Valley. This glacial valley is bound by 8,000 foot glaciated peaks and sprinkled with the few traditional gaucho ranches that will all benefit from our labors. We will camp that night in a local ranch. We will help the ranch with any needed work which may include bagging wool, collection of firewood and cleaning up the orchard.

Day 7 - Colonia Valley

Continue hiking up the Colonia Valley. We will be doing some more volunteer hours of work on the ugly pass, which is named for its poor condition for horses to negotiate. Here we will clean the path, fill in some of the trenches and build some horse stairs to make the rocky jumps easier.

Day 8 - Lago Colonia

Cross the Lago Colonia in a 24-foot motor boat and walk up to a permanent camp above the Terminus of the Colonia Glacier, helping in the creation of the new trail that winds through the forest out of the flood plain of the Colonia Valley. Our camp tonight will be at the Glacial Terminus.

Day 9 - Patagonian Style BBQ

Enjoy a traditional Patagonian style BBQ! We will debrief and talk about all that we have worked on the past few days.

Day 10 - Colonia Valley

Walk back down the Colonia Valley. On the way down we will finish some work on the “paseo feo” and return back to the local ranch for rest and work around the ranch. Be enlightened by a local iconic Gaucho. His stories will be sure to leave your group in awe.

Day 11 - Balsa Colonia

Walk back to the Balsa Colonia (4 hours), saying goodbye to the Valley that has received the fruits of our labours. We travel back to Cochrane in 4-Wheel drive vehicles and then back to Puerto Bertrand for the evening in comfort of a cabin on the shores of Baker.

Day 12 - Balcameda

Travel back to Balcameda Airport and fly back to Santiago.

Day 13 - Homeward Bound

Take a city tour of Santiago and depart in the evening. Say goodbye after an amazing trip to Patagonia.

  • Airfare
    Roundtrip group airfare to Chile, and within Chile
  • Coach
    Private coach transit as needed for duration of tour
  • Boat
    Boat transit as needed
  • Eco Lodge
    Evolve works with eco-lodges which promote sustainable living practices
  • Dorm
    Centrally located, student friendly dorm accomdoations

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included daily on trip. Meals at locally owned and run restaurants and accommodations serving authentic cuisine sufficient for all appetites.

Meet Our Leaders
Elie Landesberg
Did you know?

Humans have inhabited Patagonia since 10,000 BCE, if not longer, and traces of past settlements can be found across the region.