Explore French Polynesia: Tahiti Tour

Starting Price $4500 per person
Trip Duration 10 Days
Availibility All Year
Activity Level High level of fitness

• 3 day Educational Program at  South Pacific Research Station
• Participate in field based research around Moorea’s natural ecosystems
• Visit the Musee de Tahiti et Ses Iles (Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands), one of the South Pacific’s best museums.
• Explore the Papeete town center
• Day long island bus trip to explore Tahiti Nui, circling the larger northwestern part of the island
• Visit Arahurahu marae, an ancient Polynesian temple
• Explore some caves and waterfalls at Maraa Grotto
• Enjoy a visit to Vaipahi Gardens
• Visit Paperai Village, Tahiti’s oldest village
• Witness the Arahoho Blowholes
• Stop at Point Venus, Tahiti’s northernmost point
• Participate in a traditional Tahitian dance class
• Experience an Old Papeete walking tour
• Paddle tour of Cook’s Bay in Polynesian va’a, traditional outrigger canoes
• Get up close with dolphins during an interactive program at the Moorea Dolphin Centre

What To Expect

Travelers will participate in hands on scientific research at our remote French Polynesian Research Station. We will explore multiple islands to take in the nature, beauty, culture, and contribute to meaningful ongoing scientific research.

Educational Benefits

Tahiti and its Islands covers over two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and is comprised of five great archipelagos with 118 islands. The cultural history of the region is equally important to the natural beauty and ecological significance the region plays.


Student trip itineraries are completely customizable for your group, desires, and needs.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - Travel to Tahiti

Depart on an overnight flight to Tahiti, via connection

Day 2 - Welcome to Tahiti!

Check in at hotel. Visit the Musee de Tahiti et Ses Iles (Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands), one of the South Pacific’s best museums. Explore the Papeete town center with your Evolve Tours director

Day 3 - Explore Tahiti

Day long island bus trip to explore Tahiti Nui. Visit Arahurahu marae, an ancient Polynesian temple that has been fully restored; Maraa Grotto where we will explore caves and waterfalls; and Vaipahi Gardens. Tour Paperai Village, Tahiti’s oldest village.

Day 4 - Explore Tahiti

Experience an Old Papeete walking tour led by a knowledgeable local. Explore the Papeete Open Market. Afternoon visit to one of the island’s best bays for snorkeling.

Day 5 - Moorea

Depart to the nearby island of Moorea – “The Magical Island” via a 45 minute ferry ride. Enjoy a tour of our research station home for the next  few days. Learn about the latest research being done at the station, as well as what our educational program will focus on.

Day 6 - Research Station

Morning Educational Program – Areas of field-based scientific research conducted here include genetics, molecular biology, wildlife and aquatic biology, and even anthropology and social sciences. Afternoon hands-on research in the Marine Outdoor Laboratory which houses a “wet lab” with water tables and outdoor seawater tanks.

Day 7 - Research Station

Head out to participate in additional field studies. The unique hands-on educational excursion will allow students to experience the research scientists work on, in the natural laboratory of Moorea’s ecosystem

Day 8 - Moorea

Morning birding expedition to see a variety of native and endemic bird populations. Afternoon, learn how to paddle Polynesian va’a, traditional outrigger canoes – Enjoy a paddling tour around Cook’s Bay. Evening delicious traditional Tahitian feast

Day 9 - Final Day

Participate in an interactive and educational program at a Dolphin Center to learn more about this species and their ecosystem. Depart back to Tahiti via ferry. Enjoy beach time and soak in your last day in the French Polynesia. Board overnight flight home

Day 10 - Welcome Home

Welcome back home after an amazing trip to French Polynesia together

  • Airfare
    Roundtrip group airfare
  • Coach
    Private coach transportation as needed for duration of tour
  • Ferry
    Ferry between French Polynesian islands
  • Hotel
    Centrally located, student friendly, 3 * minimum, acclaimed hotels
  • Dorms
    Dorm accommodations at our research station

Three meals a day included in tour. Meals at locally owned and run restaurants and accommodations serving authentic cuisine sufficient for teenage appetites.

Meet Our Leaders
Avi Nimmer
Did you know?

It’s common to put a tiare (Tahiti’s national flower) behind one’s ear — left side you’re taken, right if you’re looking.

Places You’ll Visit

Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands

Discover the fascinating history of the island of Tahiti, from its volcanic formation and indigenous peoples to its current status as the political, economic and cultural centre of the French Polynesia.

Arahurahu marae

An ancient Polynesian temple that has been fully restored.

Maraa Grotto

Explore caves and waterfalls

Arahoho Blowholes

Watch as the waves crashing against the rock shelves force water and air through “blowholes” and create a phenomenon similar to a geyser

Papeete Open Market

Hunt for unique Tahitian crafts for souvenirs or taste some of the local fruits and vegetables for sale

Research Station

Participate in hands on scientific research at our remote research station