Tall Ship Leadership & Adventure Program

Starting Price $1140 per person
Trip Duration 5 Days
Availibility All Year
Activity Level High level of fitness
  • Learn sailing terminology
  • Learn how to read nautical charts
  • Learn how to steer
  • Work the sails as a team
  • Stand night watch
  • Apply mathematics and physics to daily sailing skills
  • Night sailing
  • Practice leadership skills
  • Learn how to navigate in rough water
  • Visit cool ports and enjoy beach time
  • High ropes course
What To Expect

Build character through adventure!  Learning is part of the adventure, and together you will learn skills, leadership, confidence, dedication, and teamwork in a strictly controlled environment.

Educational Benefits

Teamwork, creative thinking in challenging situations, and the ability to feel confident in not only your own self, but in supporting the people around you to achieve great things.


Student trip itineraries are completely customizable for your group, desires, and needs.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - Climb Aboard The Tall Ship!

Depart as a group by private coach bus to the port in Brockville.  Upon arrival, meet the captain and crew and undergo a safety orientation.

Everyone arrives as beginners, and on your first afternoon of orientation you will become familiar with the ropes, lines, masts, sails, and other terminology.  Participate in galley work and bosun’s chores in teams.  Get settled into cabins and set sail!

Day 2 - Tall Ship Voyage

Continue on your adventure and learn to set the sails, haul the main line, climb the rigging, steer the ship, and work as a team in an immersive day on the water.

Learn the basics of simple navigation and how to identify the symbols and data on a nautical chart.  Once comfortable reading a chart, you will use its geometry and information to determine a course.

Enjoy group activities and a campfire tonight.

Day 3 - Tall Ship Voyage, High Ropes Course

Continue to gain confidence and work as a team to sail the Tall Ship.

Learn about buoyancy and stability and how to apply your knowledge of physics to ensure a safe sail.

Further build your leadership and teamwork skills on a high ropes course this afternoon.  Enjoy group activities and a campfire tonight.

Day 4 - Tall Ship Voyage, Beach Time, Night Sailing

Learn to navigate rough waters today and work as a team to overcome this challenge.  Apply your skills in raising and lowering sails, navigation and steering, and chartwork. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the beach to celebrate!

Take turns standing watch on a night sailing adventure tonight.

Day 5 - Final Day Aboard Ship, Homeward Bound

Discover the self-reliance, confidence, and leadership skills you have gained this week on your final morning voyage as you navigate your way back to Port.  Say goodbye to the captain and crew and board your private coach bus home after an incredible trip.

  • Bus
    Private coach bus to and from the port in Brockville, Ontario.
  • Cabins
    Stay in close quarters aboard the tall ship.

All meals are included aboard the Tall Ship.

Did you know?

On a Tall Ship the ceiling is called the deckhead and the walls are called bulkheads.