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February 9, 2015

We all know that sustainable travelling is not easy when you travel abroad. Just getting on an airplane significantly increases our ecological footprint, no matter how many people they try and put in one row.

There has been a new trend to offset your trip by using an “offsetter” program. These organizations charge small fee and use those proceed to offset the carbons you contribute while travelling by using those fund to plant trees or make a small effort to clean up the environment.

At Evolve Tours we offer an “offsetting” program, and also try to encourage our customers and staff to travel as sustainably as possible. Being aware of the impact we make on our environment is an important part of traveling, and always makes for a more enjoyable trip.

We recently polled our tour guides to ask them how they cut down on their ecological footprint while they travel.

Here are some of their sustainable travel answers:

  • I try to go to a supermarket ahead of time or during my trip to purchase food in bulk. This helps me from going out to restaurants for every single meal.
  • Bring your own water bottle so you can cut down on plastic bottle consumption!
  • Try and bring a Tupperware container so you can store food in your bag during the day
  • Bring a small travel mug or cup as well. You can use this on an airplane and cut down on all the plastic cups the airlines give you. This will also encourage the people sitting around you to consider the same thing.

Do you have a tip for traveling sustainably? Let us know!

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