Experience education in action on our student trip to Mexico

Our student tip to Mexico offers an enriching blend of language, history, civilization and cultural immersion. Our adventures span from the captivating caves and biodiversity of the Yucatán Peninsula to deep dives into Mayan and Aztec culture and history. Additionally, we provide valuable lessons on the vibrant urban center of Mexico City, all while embracing the principles of People Care, ensuring the well-being and respect of all individuals in the communities we encounter during our journey.

Evolvetours Trip Mexico
  • Mexico City Student Trips

    Program Highlights

    • Chichen Itza, largest Mayan archaeological site in Yucatán
    • Tour Mérida, the capital city of Yucatán
    • Local high school for an “Intercambio” between students
    • Grutas de Calcehtok, one of the longest dry-cave systems in the world!
    • Community service project in Majahual
    • Beach time & snorkeling at Banco Chinchorro
    • Snorkeling at the Dos Ojos Cenote, a natural habitat for endangered Green Sea Turtles
    • Snorkeling and exploring Cenote Dos Ojos underwater cave system
    • Souvenir shopping on Avenida 5
    • Mexican cooking class
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Sample Itinerary


Day 1: Travel to Mexico

Gather for an introduction and orientation session in Mexico. Get a good nights sleep for trip ahead!

Day 2: Chichen Itza & Merida

Today we visit Chichen Itza, the largest Mayan archaeological site in Yucatán and then continue on to Mérida, the capital of Yucatán. In the afternoon we will participate in an immersive Spanish class with a local instructor.

Day 3: Merida & Intercambio

Explore the rich history of the capital city, including visits to the Mérida Cathedral, Plaza Grande, and more! Go to a local high school for an “Intercambio” between students. Meet local acquaintances, exchange stories, share cultures and make new friends.

Day 4: Caving & Travel

Begin our morning with a Spanish class at a local Spanish Center. Then, it's off for a caving adventure - beginning at a massive 30 meter diameter entrance. Explore deeper and deeper into an underground passage! Afterwards, we continue south through Yucatán to Majahual.

Day 5: Community Service & Beach Snorkeling

After our morning Spanish lesson, we will put our language skills in action with a  community service & interaction program. In the afternoon, we'll have time for beach lounging and snorkeling. See the colorful coral reef deposits, school of fish and maybe even turtles!

Day 6: Underwater Caves, Souveniour Shopping, Mexican cooking class

Enjoy our final morning's Spanish lesson. In the afternoon, explore the third-largest underwater cave system in the world with snorkeling gear! We'll have the final evening to explore town and souvenir shop before a Mexican cooking class in the evening.

Day 7: Homeward Bound

Board our group flight home after an amazing trip to the Yucatán, Mexico together.
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Learning Objectives

Students will immerse  in Mexican culture, history, and language, fostering global perspective and cross-cultural understanding through hands-on experiences in captivating destinations outlined in our itinerary.

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Let's Travel Together

We're happy to help answer any questions you might have about a trip to Mexico: Accommodations, Meals, Flights, Activites, Itinerary and more!

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