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Tahiti (French Polynesia)

An exploration of flora, fauna, and the people of Tahiti; students will work embrace the Polynesian philosophy of "aita pea pea": not to worry.

Covering over two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia comprises five great archipelagos with 118 islands (Tahiti, the largest!) and offers invaluable perspective into the biology of some of the world’s most stunning cultural ecosystems. On their journey, students will practice weaving, woodcarving and dance as they witness the inextricable connection between Polynesian culture and nature.

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    Program Highlights

    • Immerse yourself in the local culture and practice your French 
    • Day long island bus trip to explore Tahiti Nui, circling the larger northwestern part of the island
    • Explore the sea caves at Maraa Grotto and waterfalls at Tiare
    • Enjoy a visit to Vaipahi Gardens
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    Program Highlights

    • Visit the Ancient temple of Marae Arahurahu
    • Stop at Point Venus, Tahiti’s northernmost point
    • Visit NGO Bio Fetia
    • Local Food Tour
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    Program Highlights

    • Visit the University of California South Pacific Research Station
    • Explore Mo’orea’s natural ecosystems
    • Learn about a local Reef restoration project
    • Help your local community prepare for a traditional feast
    • Participate in a traditional Tahitian dance class, and complete workshops in fabric weaving, Tahitian music, and more!
    • Spend time at the local community centre, a hub of local activities
  • Evolvetours Destinations Tahiti 8

    Program Highlights

    • Visit Lycee Agricole Opunohu to tour the agricultural school and plantation – and try the fresh ice cream!
    • Visit Lycée Professionnel de Mahina
    • Sea Turtle Clinic and Dolphin Center
    • Explore the natural and cultural heritage of an atoll in Tetiaroa
    • Learn about the conservation programs and sustainability on this amazing island
Evolve Tours Tahiti

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Travel to Tahiti

Meet as a group at your local airport, and board flight to Tahiti. We arrive late in the evening and head straight to the lodge for a good night’s rest after a long day of traveling.

Day 2: Explore Tahiti

After breakfast we will begin our day by visiting Lycée Professionnel de Mahina, a local school on the Island. We will tour the school, spend time with local students and interact in French. In the afternoon we will explore the west coast of Tahiti, where the lagoons are crystal clear, and the valleys are quiet. We will hike in the mountains and explore caves and waterfalls. We will also visit Teahupoo, where the mythic Tahitian waves hide. We will hop on a boat, where we will explore the most remote part of the island. We will discover the “rahui”, a marine protected area organized and preserved by the local community and learn about its important role in our ecosystem. Experience a traditional Welcome group dinner, as well as an integration workshop led by your guide.

Day 3: Tahiti

Today we will get a real “taste” of what French Polynesia has to offer. We will need to be curious and as we try raw fish, exotic fruits, pastries and so much more. Throughout our morning, we will meet passionate foodies who are usually behind the scenes, such as fishermen and farmers, and enjoy all the flavours our lands and seas hide. Our first stop will be at a local NGO, Bio Fetia, which develops organic initiatives and promotes organic products in French Polynesia. We will learn about its history, projects, certification process and the importance of organic growing to preserve the island. Today’s lunch will be on the move as we participate in local food tour. After our food tour we will visit a unique milk producer from Tahiti. We will enjoy the scenery from the high fields and walk up to a few viewpoints over the island of Tahiti. We will learn about this local cheesemaker and taste some of the best Tahitian cheese and meats. Food truck dinner and evening program led by Evolve guide.

Day 4: Travel to Mo'orea

Our first stop today will at the The Moorea Dolphin Center: The Moorea Dolphin Center offers educational and interactive programs with its dolphins to better understand these fascinating marine mammals and their ecosystem. We will also have an opportunity to visit the Sea Turtle Clinic on the island in the afternoon. Although sea turtles are a protected species, they are still threatened by extinction at a worldwide level. The centre located at the Intercontinental Hotel works with te mana o te moana and has reserved section in their private lagoon to shelter the turtles. We will explore, have a Q&A session with experts and gain a deeper understanding of the clinic and its efforts. Group cooking experience and evening program led by Evolve Guide.

Day 5: Mo'orea

Our morning will be spent on the water. We will meet with a local organization called Coral Gardeners. Their project was born on Mo’orea, in 2017. They started as a small group of island kids who were witnessing the rapid degradation of the coral reef around us and decided to take action. Today, the small group of island kids grew to an international collective of scientists, engineers, creators, and advocates determined to save the reef by revolutionizing ocean conservation and generating collaborative action around the world. This is just the beginning of the ocean revolution. We will learn more about the importance of reefs, join a coral cutting workshop and plant our very own coral to rebuild a healthy reef. In the afternoon, there will be a volunteer and learn program (TBD).

Day 6: Mo'orea

Spend the morning at Lycee Agricole Opunohu, the agricultural school on the island. Tour the farm to see massive plantations of pineapples, papaya, bananas and citrus, and learn about their sustainable agricultural practices. See the workshop where their fruits are processed, and get the chance to sample some of the 20 varieties of jam they produce. Don’t forget to try one of their famous fruit juices, ice creams or milkshakes for a true taste of Tahiti. Head out on a snorkel trip in the afternoon to one of the many small islands and reefs surrounding Mo’orea, with the chance to see a variety of tropical fish. Enjoy dinner as a group at the community centre.

Day 7: Mo'orea

Today is spent assisting our hosts in preparation for a traditional feast this evening, where we get to socialize with, and thank our homestay hosts for their hospitality. The typical Polynesian buffet features many dishes cooked in the traditional ground oven: roasted pig, fish, chicken in Polynesian spinach, bread, fruit, taro, fei, barbecue chicken and beef, and different kinds of salads. We will help with food preparation as well as decor, including flower leis, palm weaving and tiki carving. In the evening celebrate our time in French Polynesia with great food, traditional music and dance, and a fire dancing performance.

Day 8: Travel to Tetiaroa

Depart to the breathtaking Tetiaroa. Enjoy the scenery as you cross to this tiny atoll, keeping watch for dolphins and whales along the way. Enjoy an orientation of the island and meet your hosts at the Ecostation. Engage in your first lecture as you learn more about the work being done in the atoll, then head out on a snorkelling excursion.

Day 9: Tetiaroa

In the morning, we visit Motu Rimatu and Bird Island to learn more about the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the islands. In the afternoon, participate in lecture at the Ecostation to learn more about the important work they're doing there. In the evening, relax on the beach and enjoy some free time with the backdrop of a cinematic sunset.

Day 10: Tetiaroa

Head across to Motu Tiaraunu for a hike and to participate in a beach cleanup as a part of the Ocean Plastic Study. Enjoy your final dinner in Tetiaroa and spend some time reflecting on the experiences and learning of the week.

Day 11: Final Day

Spend the morning relaxing on the beach, then depart back to Tahiti via ferry in the afternoon. Board overnight flight home.

Day 12: Welcome Home

Arrive home Airport after an incredible trip to French Polynesia!
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Learning Objectives

Creatively use and respond to change

By learning from the flora, fauna and people of Tahiti, students will work together to achieve a common purpose, implementing the Polynesian philosophy aita pea pea, meaning, “not to worry” along the way.

Students will challenge and strengthen the mind and body as they explore islands and learn about the rich and complex history of Tahiti through story, song and dance. Students will observe, then contribute to critical scientific research throughout the adventure.

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