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The Evolve Proven Process

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Evolve Tours is Your Solution for Running a Successful and Fun Educational Tour

The reason we travel is to experience: at Evolve, we encourage you to eat tasty and local cuisine, we stay in the heart of the (student-friendly) action, and we appreciate a comfortable night’s sleep to rejuvenate between awesome days on the trip as much as you do.

We offer Complete Itineraries, with No Hidden Fees.  Our destinations are NOT filled with time killers and fluff: you’ll receive a complete, all-inclusive itinerary with no hidden fees— just a guaranteed maximization of your group’s travel experience.

We do also understand that travel inherently requires flexibility, and we happily extend this courtesy to you.  We work with groups of all sizes, alter itineraries to your every need, and work with you to address every concern and hurdle: from the moment of our first discussion until your entire group arrives home safe and sound, we’re partners working together to ensure 110% satisfaction with every aspect of your travels.

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Our Proven Process

The Evolve Tours Proven Process is a defined sequence of events that maps out your relationship with Evolve.

1. Inquiry & Exploration

The foundation of our trip planning process is rooted in our core vision: to empower students through travel.  When we first meet with a client, we attempt to gain an understanding of their vision and determine if it’s aligned with ours.

2. Development & Customization

At Evolve, every one of our destinations is completely customizable: you tell us your needs and we’ll put together a detailed trip proposal specifically for your group.  Don’t like something about it?  Let us know and we’ll change it in a jiffy: after receiving our client’s input, we make further adjustments and enhancements to ensure satisfaction and program approval.

3. Trip Approval

Once the trip is approved, it becomes the priority of our whole team.

4. Coordination

Our operations department begins coordinating with our team of facilitators and educators around the globe.  The puzzle pieces come together.

5. Pre-Departure Materials & Curriculum

Evolve shares our pre-departure materials and curriculum. These materials provide travelers with the tools needed to begin their journey weeks before departure.

6. Trip Execution

Our team of tour guides execute the plan with precision, while ensuring enjoyment and promoting safety.  They facilitate the educational components of the trip; encouraging critical thinking and reflection.

7. Post-Trip Curriculum

A post-trip curriculum helps ease the transition back to school and home, and allows participants to share their stories with classmates, colleagues and community members.

8. Feedback

Evolve strives for positive outcomes on all of our destinations.  Regardless of the outcome, we welcome and encourage feedback.  This feedback is used to evolve our own programming.

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Shopping Around?

Don’t be fooled by price guarantees.  Lots of tour companies will promise to “match” or “beat any price”: but at Evolve we stand by our high-quality destinations.

We realize the importance of running cost-effective trips – especially in an educational setting; but we encourage our customers to read through our itineraries and travel with us to realize the difference.

When you compare Evolve Tours to other tour companies we’re confident our destinations will offer more memorable experiences for less investment.

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