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Explore the concept of interconnectedness: of land and sea, of history and culture, of body and mind, and of the country that connects two oceans

Panama is a country whose modern and ancient culture blend with rural and urban life. On their adventure, students will be part of the canal that connects two oceans and experience how one of the most important inventions in modern history has impacted a nation and world through the people it serves.

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    Program Highlights

    • Multi-day Eco Tourism, Community service, and environmental education at our National Park Eco Lodge
    • The bulk of the itinerary will be spent doing our community service work—hands on with the local school(s) and with women in the local community of Guadalupe.
    • Cultural exchanges and community activities: Tour through the forest, Language exchange, Dance and culture experiences, Birdwatching, and much more!
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    Program Highlights

    • Visit the Panama Canal!
    • Tour Casco Viejo, the historic district of Panama City
    • Explore the Panama Canal Museum
    • Drive over the Bridge of the Americas
    • Take in the views from Ancon Hill
    • Tour the historical colonial town of Portobelo
    • Ride the historic Panama Canal Railway train
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    Program Highlights

    • Visit the expansion site of the Panama canal at the Gatun locks
    • Head into the Chagres National Park to visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Fort San Lorenzo
    • Visit the historic US Fort Sherman
    • Explore Panama’s indigenous history on the San Blas Islands
    • Enjoy a snorkel and boat tour
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Sample Itinerary

Spanish Language & Culture Tour

Day 1: Travel to Panama

Take a guided tour of the Panama City. Visit Casco Viejo, the historic district of Panama City. Also visit Plaza de la Independencia, the National Theatre of Panama, El Palacio de las Garzas (home of the Panamanian President), and much more.

Day 2: Spanish Lesson Panama Canal!

Start off our day with an immersive Spanish class in Panama City. Later, drive over the Bridge of the Americas. Visit the Miraflores Visitor Center, which introduces and teaches about the Panama Canal. Watch mammoth ocean liners maneuver the narrow waterways. Ancon Hill visit on our way home.

Day 3: Portobelo

Portobelo is a sleepy town full of colonial history where you will feel transported in time. Named by Christopher Colombus in 1502, here we will find and learn about five colonial fortresses where cannons still point to the bay. Enjoy a Spanish language lesson, and explore the history and enjoy the beautiful green landscapes along the coast.

Day 4: Historic Train, Fort, & Canal Tour

Depart for Colon on the historic Panama Canal Railway (the one-hour journey takes you through unspoiled rain forests, alongside the Canal’s massive locks and atop a scenic causeway over Gatun Lake). Our first stop is at the Gatun locks expansion site to witness history in the making from the brand new visitor center. Head into the Chagres National Park to visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Fort San Lorenzo. Visit the historic US Fort Sherman.

Days 5 - 6: San Blas Islands

The islands are the best place to explore the rich culture of Panama’s indigenous people, the Kuna. Members of the tribe are stationed on many of the tiny tropical islands – we will meet with the local community on the island for the day. Additionally while here we will have the opportunity to visit the famous Assudub Bipi (Dog Island) and enjoy a snorkeling excursion. Enjoy 1 -2 Spanish language lessons while here.

Day 7: Homeward Bound

Begin our travel home after an amazing trip to Panama together.
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Learning Objectives

Observe and Interact

Students will observe the interconnectedness of land and sea including its significance in Panamanian history and culture. Talented and hardworking locals eager to share their passion for life will tell their stories of hardship and joy as students begin to connect the pieces of their own lives.

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