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How Evolve Travels Differently

Evolve Tours’ programs are carefully crafted to elicit empathy while supporting students as they learn to value themselves and the world they live in.

We align with the values and principles of permaculture, inviting students to explore the interconnectedness of our planet, our people, and the way we participate in — and engage with — the world.  Best experienced in-person, on our trips students will learn about environmental and societal ethics, learn from new peoples, and evolve themselves through transformative hands-on experiences.

Evolve Tours Custom Trips

Not the destination you're looking for?  Get in touch about a custom trip experience!

If our most popular trips aren’t hitting the destination you’re seeking, we can help create the ultimate trip experience for you! Since 2006 we’ve been exploring countries and territories around the world including: Australia and Vietnam in the Pacific; Ghana and Uganda in Africa; Croatia, Italy, and the UK in Europe; Israel, Palestine, and Jordan in the Middle East; and the United States, Mexico, and all across our beautiful home of Canada.

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