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Student Restaurants: How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant

March 13, 2015

The most important thing when deciding on a restaurant for your student group is to make sure the venue can accommodate a large number of people. There should be plenty of options for students to choose from. Ensure the restaurant knows about any allergies or dietary restrictions your students may have.


Breakfast is often included at hotels, and a light breakfast at hostels. This will vary, so ensure to check with your accommodation when booking. Often, hotels will include a breakfast with room bookings, or offer one for an additional charge. This can range from a continental breakfast to a full hot breakfast buffet. Having breakfast at the hotel can save a ton of time, as you don’t need to travel to another restaurant and can head straight to activities after leaving the hotel.

Great areas for Lunch

For lunch, we recommend giving students free time in a popular area with many options of restaurants, cafes, food vendors and shops. Choose an area where there are plenty of dining options to suit everyone’s taste and diet. A market plaza in a town centre often provides a lot of choice and an area to explore when students are done eating lunch.


Satisfying group meals are an important part of a successful student trip. It’s important to make sure that the restaurant you are visiting is student friendly and works well with large (and hungry) school groups.  For large groups, it’s best to reserve well in advance and not leave it until the night of. In our experience, restaurants with buffet options or set group menus work best.


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