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What in the World is SoHo?

June 25, 2015

SoHo, SOHO, Soho, soho, SOho, soHO, sOho, soHo, sohO, and sOhO. But what does it mean?

Alright, you have two choices: you can have the straightforward, logistically sound answer, or you can have the answer you probably want.

What will it be? (*Cue Jeopardy theme song……………….continue Jeopardy theme song……………..add sound clip of Alex Trebek clearing his throat………………….BEEP BEEP)

Alright, since I can’t read your mind (yet), I will just give you both.

Literal and Logical:

SoHo is an area located South of Houston Street in Manhattan, New York.

To be fair, there are other so-called “SoHo” neighbourhoods. Most of them came before and were named after war cries by English Generals. We’re going to stick to the New York one.

The Answer You Probably Wanted:

SoHo is a region in Downtown Manhattan that first became popular from the influx of local artists, but now it is more of a relaxed shopping district. From big shopping names to smaller, independent stores; this neighbourhood has it all. If you ever feel like your life needs a bit more trendiness, this is where you go to grab a coffee or fresh pressed juice, buy some new shades, and instantly become ten years younger.

SoHo blends into Chinatown, but the rough limits for SoHo are as follows: Canal on the south, Houston on the North, 6th on the west and Crosby street on the East. If you want your knock-off purses, etc., you should head for Canal Street, and stick to Broadway if you want the biggest stores. Spring street is in the middle, and that is where some of the cooler shops and restaurants reside.

In short, SoHo is where you dream living in NYC. Spend an afternoon wandering around here, and you won’t be disappointed.

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