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Welcome to New York City – The Perfect Student Tour

January 5, 2017

Welcome to New York City! When it comes to metropolises, NYC is arguably the most iconic city in America or even in the world. Even though the city is a concrete jungle, there are still lots of green space to be found.

Central Park

Notably Central Park, where one can find the ‘IMAGINE’ memorial mosaic in the Strawberry Fields. Only a few steps away people can walk through the arches of the Dakota building where John Lennon was murdered. Soon after the memorial was erected. And for almost 20 years a man and his partner could be found at the site, placing flowers or candles in the shape of a peace sign. If John Lennon’s memorial doesn’t make you want to start a revolution you can let it be and take a ticket to ride the Evolve Tour guided walk through the rest of the park to sheep’s meadow. This is where large green space can be found to bask in the sun and toss a ball around while enjoying a picnic.


Night Time in New York City

When night arrives, the city becomes alive! Whether it is a Broadway show like The Jersey Boys, New York’s Times Square or the top of The Rock, the city looks and feels much different when the lights turn on. The once business filled streets are now illuminated by the countless lights in the city. The bright advertisement in the square creates a sense that the sun never set, while The Broadway shows keep your attention throughout the spectacular events. Only the view from The Rock can give you a perspective like nothing else at night.


Radio City Music Hall

Of course New York City is the city of entertainment. And after a sight of the large city and The Broadway show, you should be yearning for more! That’s where the Radio City Music Hall comes in. Filled with an endless amount of stories from famous musicians, speakers and performers, the Radio City Music Hall has got everything in the entertainment sector. Even the architecture, paintings, photos and sculptures inside the hall add to the amazing entertainment that can be found here. After a tour of the building one is left with an idea of what life was like when this major entertainment hall was built decades ago. How it must have felt to be walking on the same magnificent carpets that so many famous icons did. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a chance to stand on stage and look into the crowd. What a sight!


Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

Once you’ve taken to the streets of New York City, you definitely have to ride the ferries and take a look at the city like many did when arriving to America. Passing the Statue of Liberty after visiting the island and Ellis Island can help recreate the scene that many millions of immigrants saw throughout the 19th and 20th century. The statue must have been a great symbol of liberty, democracy, freedom and hope, virtues that so many immigrants had no sense of. The city itself would have been something that they had never seen either. Many would be coming from war torn parts of the world and would have seen a new and spectacular city in which they were about to live in.

Skyline of New York seen as driving in from New Jersey
Skyline of New York seen as driving in from New Jersey

Although the skyline has change significantly throughout the years, it still holds great significance for those who visit or are immigrating to the western world. It creates a sense of new discovery in the land that is full of opportunities.

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