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Top 5 Things to do in Washington D.C.

May 17, 2017

Washington D.C. Introduction

A visit to our nation’s capital offers and endless list of activities & highlights, education and fun. Below are some of my recommendations from our recent trip to Washington D.C. to consider on your next trip to the district!

1. Moonlit Trolley Tour

The monuments of Washington D.C. are amazing. There is no way to argue against this, it is simply fact. However, these awe-inspiring monuments in the daytime became glittering stars at night. Getting on a hop on-hop off trolley through the monuments at sunset is a must do on the first night in D.C. It will give you a lay of the land, and supply you with ample fun facts. It is also an amazing way to see the monuments lit up, when they are truly their most spectacular.

2. Ford Theater

Just north of the mall is the location of the assassination of President Lincoln. Ford Theater is already a popular tourist destination. However, checking out the play One Destiny is a must. For even the most Lincoln obsessed history buff will learn something new from the remarkably well-done two man play. After the play, a tour of the Peterson house (the actual site of Lincoln’s death), leads you into the Abraham Lincoln Museum. More than just a theater, the play and subsequent exhibits will easily take up an entire morning.

3. Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, is one of the most spectacular places in the Washington D.C. area. Across the Potomac in Virginia, this former President’s residence has a little something for everyone. Corralling the kids into the walk-through on the main mansion was a challenge, but worth it in the end. We got to see the house restored to its 18th century glory. Afterwards, you could spend all day exploring the lawns, seeing the animals, and visiting the Washington tomb. Finally, a visit to the educational center will leave you with a new insight on George Washington – a truly remarkable man with an astounding role in the founding of the country.

4. American Indian Museum

A great museum that covers the indigenous history of all of the Americas, this museum is one of the least visited in the Smithsonian. However, this hidden gem is a must-see of Washington D.C. We got to walk through a spectacular exhibit on the Incan people of South America, and this was only the beginning. One of the most amazing parts of this museum is their food court: traditional, well prepared food delighted us as we all bit into some amazing Navajo tacos. While a bit pricey, this is definitely the best food in the Smithsonian area, and one of the many reasons to make the American Indian Museum a priority at the Smithsonian!

5. Natural History Museum

There are 19 museums at the Smithsonian, so odds are you will not get to experience all of them. However, taking the time to see the oceans exhibit at the Natural History Museum is a must. Well done and interactive, this exhibit covers it all. And, to keep everyone entertained, go see the monstrosity that is the giant squid specimen they have on display at the center of the exhibit!


Washington D.C. has so much to offer – you could easily spend days or weeks here with all of the attractions, activities, history and culture that exists. If you haven’t been back to Washington D.C. recently, I recommend you book your next trip soon!

Written by April Fowler

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