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Evolve Newsletter

June 1, 2017

Leadership Roles To Assign

Here are the roles you can assign:


Leader – Can help the tour guide with basic group announcements. This gives them the sense of control and leadership. What you can do as a guide is re-iterate what the leader has said to make sure the message is delivered.

Timekeeper – Make time announcements, this is perfect for free time in markets and eating areas. Student can announce “please make sure your watch is synced with “guides watch” to 12:XX . “we will meet back here infront of the TOWER at 12:XX

Dictionary – Introduces the word-of-the-day. This can be facilitated by the tour guide or as group of 2-3 students they can come up with a word related to something they will be exploring or learning that day. This task is great for locations whose native language is not English. It can be a word or even a local catch phrase.

Foodie – The foodie can help the tour guide make the food order for restaurants. Guide can use the foodie as an assistant in counting how many Burgers, Chicken Nuggets, Pizza Etc.

The Camel – In charge of making sure everyone fills their water bottles every morning at breakfast and other meals. We want to teach students to minimize on the plastic use. (VERY important role).
 Guide can prompt camel to make announcements throughout the day to ensure kids are hydraded.

Doctor – The doctor/s are in-charge of making sure kids are wearing sunscreen and hats on super sunny days.

Navigator – Researches routes for the day, looks up destinations on a map and shares itinerary with the rest of the group. This is a great role which teaches kids how to look at a map. Tour guide to provide a city map from Hotel. This gives them an idea of where they are standing in the city or town they are visiting.


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