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Toronto School Trip – Big City Living; Canadian Landmarks.

September 5, 2019

by Samantha Leblanc

On this trip students got the opportunity to explore and experience the incredible pace, vibe grandeur of Toronto. By stopping off at Ripley’s Aquarium, students got the experience the newly installed facility in the heart of Toronto. Inside students got to explore the fascinating marine life from every corner of the world, giving them the unique opportunity to come up- close-and-personal with fish they might never see otherwise. This was amplified through the opportunity to go through the iconic glass tunnel aquarium and see sharks, turtles and a plethora of different fish species.

There is also the opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in not only marine life from around the world but also fish located right in Canada. The exhibit Canadian Waters gives students a chance to see fish they could find in any of Canada’s Great Lakes. A trip to Toronto is not complete without the opportunity to see the truly iconic and monumental landmark that is the CN Tower. This gave the students the opportunity to see the breathtaking view of Toronto and the GTA which is so pertinent to the geography of Canada. Additionally, students got the chance to learn more about the history of Canada, specifically Toronto as they learned how the CN Tower was built, why it was named and context to the surrounding area of the CN Tower.

Seeing the CN Tower in real time gave the students a new grasp on what Toronto is really like. Just before finishing off the day, students stop at the Old Spaghetti Factory, a historic location in Toronto furnished with beautiful stain glass which freezes the restaurant in time. The students enjoyed a spaghetti dinner which was a great opportunity for them to chat about some of the highlights of the day and rest for a bit before setting off to the Blue Jays game –another must-see if coming to Toronto. The Blue Jays baseball game is played in the Scotia Bank Arena, another iconic landmark location in the heart of Toronto, giving the students the full experience to a day in Toronto life.

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