Top 10 Reasons to Plan Your School Trip to Costa Rica

December 21, 2019

Everything Costa Rica has to offer.

Evolve Tours deeply immerses students into each location through educational experiences that promote social responsibility, global competency, leadership, and sustainable practices. Using Costa Rica as an educational setting, students can delve into its Pre-Columbian heritage, study progressive environmental policies, and explore the tastes, sounds, and jungles that make Costa Rica unique. Here are the top 10 reasons to plan your school trip to Costa Rica.

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The top 10 reasons to plan your school trip to Costa Rica.

  1. National Parks. Manuel Antonio and Tortuguero are just two of the twenty-seven national parks in Costa Rica. The parks protect some of the most biologically diverse land in the world.
  2. San Jose. The capital of Costa Rica is situated in the middle of the country which makes it easy to get around. Students can explore the Central Market which was established back in 1880.
  3. Mayan and Olmec. Costa Rica used to be the home of the Mayan and Olmec civilizations. The Jade Museum in San Jose houses one of the largest collections of artifacts for these societies.
  4. Sustainability Policies. At least 25% of Costa Rica’s land area is federally protected land. As of 2017, Costa Rica generated more than 99% of its electricity through renewable energy sources.
  5. Volcan Arenal. This is considered the most active volcano in Costa Rica. Situated near La Fortuna, it last erupted in 2010. The national park it sits in is full of trails that can be explored by groups.
  6. Wildlife & Jungles. Costa Rica has 6% of the world’s biodiversity. You will find creatures like the ocelot and the capuchin monkey in Costa Rica’s many protected lands.
  7. Festivals. There are multiple festivals that occur throughout the year in Costa Rica. The National Orchid Exhibition is one such festival that is celebrated across the country.
  8. Beaches. Costa Rica has 300 beaches along both its coasts. If you or the students need a short break, the pink, black, and white sand beaches are the best place to start.
  9. Ziplines. If adventure is what your students seek, Costa Rica has several tree canopy zipline tours through its vast system of jungles.
  10. “Pura Vida.” Considered the motto of Costa Rica, Pura Vida is used as an expression of how things are going in life. It is also used to show appreciation.

So concludes the top 10 reasons to plan your school trip to Costa Rica. Sound like a destination that’s perfect for your educational trip? We’d love to help you start planning! CLICK HERE to get in touch with us and get started.

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