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Authentic, Compassionate, Sustainable Travel

Using a holistic approach to student travel, Evolve Tours combines sustainability with exploration and empathy.  Our participants are curious, compassionate, open-minded, and determined to become dedicated global citizens one experience at a time.  Our programs are fueled by our commitment to caring for our planet and the people who inhabit it.  Evolve Tours is your experience-based travel guide to living culture.

We put experiential education first: our groups visit authentic attractions, immerse themselves in local cultures and traditions, participate in interactive activities, and gain an appreciation for the unique way of life in each travel destination. We inspire students and teachers in ways they didn’t know possible and make sure our destinations provide more than expected.

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The Global Redesign

In our fast-paced world of over-consumption and noise, it is critical that we reimagine our planet.

  • What might it look like if our societal systems mirrored the efficient and intentional systems of the natural environment?
  • How might we create human-centered designs to reduce consumption and increase awareness?
  • How can we be ethical and earth-minded in all we do?

Evolve Tours has (some of) the answers.


Evolve Tours is committed to preserving and improving our planet through sustainable travel practices. Offering carbon-neutral travel services and eco-tourism options, we are dedicated to reducing impact and combating climate change while reimagining our relationship with the world.  Read more about our Sustainability and Social Responsibility practices here.

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Our values

We value the five “Es” of experiential travel:


Empathy isn’t just “standing in someone else’s shoes.” Empathy is the ability to understand and connect with the emotion of an experience. Our programs elicit empathy through learning from rather than doing for and by working in collaboration.


Sustainable local and global change depends on the power of relationships developed through adventure and exploration. Based on research and experience, we have developed best practices to simultaneously facilitate collaborative exploration and intercultural immersion on our programs.


Experiential education is at the heart of all Evolve Tours programs. Students focus on community engagement, critical thinking, leadership and reflection as they apply ideas learned on our trips to complex issues at home and in school.


Evolve Tours programs prepare students with 21st-century skills to bring global concepts into the local sphere. Students focus on sustainability, local environments, social justice and global competencies, all needed to create a better world.


The world is constantly changing and so are we. As we honor the interwoven environmental and societal systems that comprise our planet, we know that we, too, are complex and constantly in flux.

We walk with the people of the world and strive to uphold the stories that create cultural richness and abundance.

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