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No Car Week in Bogotá

March 3, 2015

A Week Without Cars

Earlier this month, a rare sight occurred in the bustling capital of Colombia: freeways sat empty for an entire week. City residents left their cars parked and opted instead to walk or bike for their daily commutes. The event was organized by the mayoral office of Bogotá, in an effort to promote public transportation and get city dwellers thinking about the devastating effects of pollution. The inaugural “No Car Day” event was held in 2000  by then mayor Enrique Peñalosa, and today marks the first year it has been lengthened to a full week.

From February 6-13, specific roads and freeways in the city were officially closed down and personal motorized vehicles were not permitted.

Some inspiring No Car Day facts:

  • An estimated 600,000 cars are left at home each No Car Day
  • There is a growing trend of these events throughout the world
  • Bogotá’s No Car Day is considered the largest car-free weekday event in the world
  • Benefits of green transportation include: cleaner air, quieter streets, more human interactions, increased exercise and mor

Check out the link before for more information, and a map of what streets were closed down:


A person bikes in Bogota, Columbia, during the city's car-free week. Photo by M.Erwert/Flickr. A man juggles as he cycles along the highway during the "No Car Day" in Bogota, Colombia. (Fernando Vergara/AP)
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