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Departure Roulette – Would You?

March 6, 2015

Imagine this. You arrive at the airport, bags packed and ticket in hand, ready to travel. Instead, you’re stopped before the check-in counter and given a difficult but tempting proposition. Trade in your tickets for wherever you’re about to fly to, and agree to travel to a randomly selected alternate destination for free. The catch: You have to agree before you know where you’re headed, and you must leave on your new adventure immediately. Would you do it?

In 2013, a marketing gimmick by beer company Heineken that took place at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York presented passengers with exactly this dilemma. Those who agreed gave the Departure Roulette board a spin, and after a few agonizingly tense seconds found out where they were traveling to next.

Watch the video below and try not to get an intense case of the travel wanderlust I fell victim to.

Let’s just hope you’re not headed off to Antarctica after you already packed your bags for sunny Cancun, Mexico!



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