Evolve ToursJapanese Island Grows At Shocking Rate  

Japanese Island Grows at Shocking Rate

March 11, 2015

At Evolve Tours, we are enthusiastic about the natural world and learning from its changes. Check out this recent story from Japan:

Nishinoshima island (Western Island) is a volcanic island located off the coast of Japan, about 940 kilometres south of Tokyo. New reports suggest that it has grown an incredible 11 times as large in the mere span of 15 months! Researchers say the rapid expansion is due to volcanic eruptions in the area.

Originally, the island was enlarged in 1974 when volcanic eruptions increased its land mass. However, since that time there has been no major activity from the undersea volcano until an eruption that started in November 2013. Researchers also indicated that previous to the events of 1974, it is believed that Nishinoshima hadn’t experienced any major eruptions for over 10,000 years!

In late 2013, an island referred to as Niijima emerged from the sea near Nishinoshima as the product of an undersea volcanic eruption. Since then Niijima steadily rose and the two islands merged, creating an even larger Nishinoshima island. Currently the island is 2.45 square kilometres. In light of recent reports from the Japanese Coast Guard, that growth shows no signs of slowing down either. As molten rock from the active volcano spews out, this constantly increases the size of the island’s surface area above water. During a recent aerial survey a 1,200 meter smoke trail was observed originating from the volcano’s vent.

Check out some aerial footage below:





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