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Costa Rica went 75 days using ONLY Renewable Energy! Yes Costa Rica

March 29, 2015

Costa Rica sets a good example for us here in our fast-paced, energy-hungry nation.

100% Renewable Energy for 75 days straight:


Costa Rica saw some heavy-duty rainfall earlier this year, and that rainfall brought nothing but good news. The country was able to to turn all that water into useful energy with its four hydroelectric power facilities that are pumping power around the country. The hydropower that was produced was almost enough on its own to power the entire country. By making up the rest of the necessary power through geothermal, wind, biomass, and solar energy sources, Costa Rica managed to hold off a whole 75 days before using any coal or petroleum for energy. WOW, They had gone an entire 75 days in row without using anything but renewable energy to power up their nation!



Costa Rica is a small country covering only 51 000 square kilometres, with a population of approximately 4.8 million people, the country could be compared to the size of a single state in the US.  The country is agriculture-heavy, making this achievement possible, as they don’t rely as much on high-powered manufacturing plants to keep their economy in tact. Approximately 80% of their energy is produced through hydropower facilities, and increasingly, they are using more and more other renewable energy sources to power their land. Their feat is remarkable, marking this small nation as an inspiration to what other countries should thrive to be.



Costa Rica, we applaud you!


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