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Airport Lingo

April 4, 2015

Ever wonder what the flight attendants are REALLY saying to each other? 

Freshen Up on your Airport Lingo before taking your next trip.


Apron – The paved area upon which the airplanes park


All Call – Each Flight attendant is being asked to report from their station for an intercom call


Concourse – Area of the airport located past the security checkpoint


Concourse Shoes – High-heeled pumps that flight attendants usually wear while walking through the airport


DeadHead – crew members who are flying as passengers — not staff on your flight


EFC Time – Expected time for the grounded plane to become airborne


Jumpseat – The fold-down chairs that flight attendants sit on


Open Jaw – reservations that leave from one city and return to another city


SkyCap – airline employees that can help you with your baggage.


Slam-Click – a flight attendant that refuses to stay out with the other flight crew while scheduled to stay overnight . They go straight to their hotel room and do not come out until the morning.






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