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The Beautiful, Bountiful, and Bewildering Bali

April 6, 2015

Bali is one of those mysteriously enchanting places that make you question if it even really exists.

I mean, just look at this:

Bali Beach

And this!

Bali greens


Bali Temple

I apologise if that was too much AMAZING for your eyes to handle. It’s really Bali that you should be mad at…just try to stay mad at Bali…try…still mad? How about after this?

Bali Festival

See? You can’t even remember why life gets you so stressed out when you realize Bali exists.

What originally drove the masses to the province of Bali was the marriage of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Yes, all it took was the union of two celebrities to spoil one of earth’s best-kept secrets, but thank-goodness they did.

Bali has been heavily influenced by Indian, Chinese, and Hindu cultures, and many of the traditions practised there today stretch back to these 1 AD roots. This includes dressing up sculptures and statues during festivals, staying as quiet and as still as possible on the Balinese New Year (called Nyepi), and Galungan (a ten-day festival of feasting and descending gods).

Bali was one of the life-changing destinations in the little-known novel ‘Eat Pray Love’. This popularity sparked another surge in tourism with people wanting to find their best-selling book hidden among the waves and light, sandy beaches. Even if they didn’t find it, they definitely had a lot of fun trying. And that really is the reason to go anywhere: some fun in the sun and a breath of fresh air for the body and mind.

So whether next week, or in ten years, beautiful, bountiful, and bewildering Bali is waiting.

Bali sunset
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