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Travel Tips: How to get a good sleep on a plane

April 6, 2015

Plane rides can be the worst when it comes to getting a decent night’s sleep. Tossing and turning in that cramped uncomfortable airplane seat not only keeps you awake, but also the people around you. Learn ways to get some shut-eye on your next plane ride, and how to deal with those around you who haven’t quite figured it out yet. 


1. Book Your Flight Ticket according to which side you sleep on!

Do you want to wake up gazing into the eyes of a not-so appealing stranger eating a mouthful of airplane eggs and washing it down with their bottle of 3$ Snapple? Didn’t think so. Book your flight so that you’re either staring at the window, or at the aisle while you sleep. You could be doing your neighbor a favour too if you’re anything like this guy below.



2. Get Ready For Bed — Like you would at home

Brush your teeth, wash your face, take off your makeup ladies! All of these habits are signs that tell your body “It is time to go to sleep”. Your body will get the hint and immediately you will feel a rush of exhaustion after getting ready for bed.





3. Buy one of those “U” shaped pillows that you never thought did anything useful.

They do! Keep yourself from getting jolted awake from that awful plane turbulence and sleep soundly with one of these babies.



4. Bring a Baseball Cap!

Dims the lights for you AND gives you a sense of privacy




5. Clear your the space at your feet

If you’ve got a big honking suitcase at your feet,  how do you really expect to get a good sleep? Stop being lazy and take the 2 minutes to find a spot in the overhead compartment. Your body will thank you the next morning when you actually were able to stretch out a little bit more because of it.




6. Buckle your seatbelt OVER your blanket

It seems like right when you finally manage to doze off, thats when the seatbelt sign goes off. Avoid unwanted interruptions from flight attendants by giving them  no reason to need to wake you up.





7. Eat Up

Protein helps your body sleep, so don’t turn down that trail mix offer from the flight attendant before dipping out for snooze.

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