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Summer Is Almost Here! (We Promise)

April 7, 2015

On days like these, when the snow slaps you in the face on your way to work, you cannot help but wonder “Why do I live in Canada? It is April. It is April and I can’t feel my feet.”

Fear not! Because guess what? It’s almost my birthday.

I know two things about my birthday:

  1. It is knee-slapping awesome.
  2. It has never snowed on/after my birthday for the rest of the spring and summer

See? There is hope. There is a reason to keep living in Canada because it really has got to stop sometime. And that sometime is my birthday.

If there has never been a reason for the whole world to celebrate my birthday before (I really thought there were one or two), THERE IS NOW!

My birthday is the marking point of sun, fun, friendship, free food at your cousin’s weddings, and (I don’t want to exaggerate here, but…) everything amazing in the world.  So get yourself a slice of cake, a glass of adult juice, and just celebrate my birthday like a champ.

In a way, my birthday is like everyone’s birthday. It’s my special gift to the world.


Please send all birthday gifts by the end of the week.

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