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To CN Tower, or Not to CN Tower?

April 7, 2015

To CN Tower, or not to CN Tower? That is the question. The answer? Being the good travel guide that I am, I will let you decide by providing you with a series of witty yet insightful facts that let you become a well-informed decision maker, you delightfully handsome reader.

Witty yet insightful fact number ONE:

On a clear day, you can see across Lake Ontario to the Niagara region and the United States of America. That’s a lot of sight to see, and by golly it is breath-taking. If only we could look as far into ourselves.

It lights up different colours for special occasions, such as my birthday


Fact Numero Deux:

It costs $32.00, which sounds like a lot of money, seeing as it only costs you $5.00 to get a foot-long at Subway this morning. Considering you get to zoom really high up in an elevator that has a glass wall, then stand 346 meters above the ground on a glass floor, the price isn’t so bad.

Hint: if you buy online you save a couple bucks. Almost enough for another foot-long.


Fact Number 3:

It has a thing called the “Edge Walk” and it is both terrifying and beautiful. It is also a wee bit expensive (sitting at a chic $195.00 per person) but the reviews from the people who have tried it are overwhelmingly positive. Not only positive, but SUPER positive. Almost alarmingly positive.


cn edge
The only way you can really show Toronto who is boss.


Fact Number Four:

You can eat lunch or dinner in a revolving part of the CN Tower. Take that, “being nice”! Nobody needs you anymore! Just take people you like to the top of a spinning tower and eat food and they’ll think you’re the best person they know.


CN tower
It’s no Vegas, and that is why we love it


Final Fact Five:

It still remains one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Which means Canada is still on the map! People know we are here and that we at one point in time we built some impressive stuff. The best part is that we built the world’s highest tower by accident. We actually didn’t mean to beat everyone else, but when we learned that the CN could do it, we taped a couple of toothpicks together, glued it to the top, and called it macaroni.

Just kidding, they realized during the planning stages and made the structural modification at that point. What is history without a little zing, eh?


So, with this new-found knowledge you have been given, what do you think? Is the CN Tower worth a visit? Is it worth your time? How does it make you feel? One thing is for sure: this tower that dominates the city skyline is here to stay, so either you love it, or you learn to look around it.

CN tower


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