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Château Frontenac

April 10, 2015

If I gave you ten dollars to name the most photographed hotel in the world, what would you say?

The Trump Hotel? Bah.

The Ritz? Pffft.

Any hotel in Paris? They wish.

Would you guess Château Frontenac because that is the title of the blog? Or maybe I named it that to trick you into guessing that when it wasn’t right at all…

Well, if you said Château Frontenac, you are exactly right.

GOOD chateau

The Château Frontenac, located in the heart of Quebec City, is now an official National Historical Site of Canada. Originally built in 1893, it has lived a grand life, from being the setting for an Alfred Hitchcock film (I Confess), to holding several World War II Allies’ meetings. It was even the setting for part of a Pokemon movie.

The best part of the hotel? It apparently looks amazing from any angle. Or, should I say it will look amazing with you standing in front of it from any angle? The only way to find out is you for you to see the iconic hotel for yourself.



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