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9 ways that Australia will change you

April 20, 2015

Planning a trip to Australia? Be prepared to return home a changed person. 

Here are 10 Reasons how Australia will Change You:


1. You will become obnoxiously picky about your coffee…

Back here in North America, we are all fairly addicted to coffee, theres no ignoring that fact. To be frank though, we’re addicted to bad quality drip coffee which we load up with cream and sugar.

In Australia, they’ve mastered the coffee addiction the RIGHT way.


Espresso coffee is HUGE there. Small local cafes are quite literally found EVERYWHERE. Craving a Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Second Cup or any other chain coffee shop? Good luck finding them. These chain shops exist, but it is a bit of a mission to find them — plus once you’ve tried the coffee from these local cafes, there is no going back.

These heavy duty coffee addictions come with confusing lingo as well … to get you ahead of the game study up on the Australian Cafe Lingo here:


Long Black = Americano (1 shot espresso + Water)

Short Black = Espresso

Flat White = 1 shot espresso, filled with steamed milk (no froth)

Cappuccino = 1 shot espresso, filled with steamed milk (extra froth)

Latte = 1 shot espresso, filled with steamed milk (standard froth)

Mocha = 1 shot espresso, filled with milk hot chocolate

Macchiato = 1 shot espresso, 1 shot steamed milk (froth)


Strong = extra shot

Skinny = 2% milk (Heads up, they use homogenous milk – 3.25% in all of their drinks if you don’t specify skinny!)



2. You will start taking the rules of the road even more seriously

Believe it or not, things are more strict down under. Specifically, we’re talking speed limits.

Never ever speed in Australia. There are speed cameras set up all along the major highways, and hefty fines that come along with breaking the limits. In Australia, theres none of this “10 km over the speed limit is okay” ideology. You go over, you get fined.

….And if you opt to take the train or the tram (that is what they call streetcars) to avoid having to learn to drive on the opposite side of the road (yup! it is not just England!) then we have one other important piece of advice for you: DO NOT put your feet on the seat….. 300$ fine, no leeway, guaranteed (But hey, and least it means for a cleaner transportation system right!).



3. You will come home abbreviating EVERYTHING

Going for breakfast? No way, you’re going for “brekky”

Meeting up in the Afternoon? Nope you’re meeting in the “Arvo”.

If it is a sunny day you better not forget your “Sunnies”


4. You will do your laundry in a whole new way

You can’t hang your wet clothes in the middle of winter here… sorry…but that is one habit you are going to have to get out of the habit of doing when you return to the north.


5. You will want to get all the Reese’s Pieces that you can get your hands on

No Reese’s Pieces in Australia? Nope! Unless you stumble upon a special “North American Style” vending machine. Those are the best. Stocked with goods that you didn’t even realize you had missed.


6. You will start to expect to pay 15$ for an appetizer

It happens. That’s life. You’ll also expect a way higher pay if you have been working down there…


7. You will forget what a squirrel looks like… but instead you’ll have gotten used to company of Kangaroos

Kangaroos are everywhere once you get about a half hour out of the city in Australia….Depending how long you spent there, you’ve probably even perfected the art of cooking a roo on the barbie (BBQ).




8. You’ll stop using the go-to term “What’s up”

Instead you’ve moved on to “How ya going” and of course, with the classic response “yea good yea”


9. You’ll have more friends from all over the world than you do Australian Friends

Australia is the place where travelers seem to congregate. It is like every second person walking down the street is there visiting from another country.



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