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Travel Apps for Teachers

April 24, 2015

Heading on a trip with your student group? Heres the low down on the best travel apps that will come in handy during your trip.


1. Socrative Student

This app allows you to make customized quizzes for your students. Use this app to test your students on the knowledge they gained during the trip. This app can help you assess who was paying attention and who wasn’t during your visit back in time to all those historical sights. Catch one that seemed to be paying less attention? Maybe they’ll be the one asked a pop quiz question during your next trip out of the classroom.



2. Class Dojo

This classroom management app gives teachers the opportunity to give positive feedback for good behavior. While on a student trip, you don’t have the chance to be saved by the bell come 3pm.  If you have a busload of misbehaving students, you have to deal with those students for much longer than your standard school day. For this reason, encouraging good behavior and discouraging bad is extremely important.




3. Google Field Trip

Google Field Trip runs in the background of your phone. As soon as you pass an interesting sight, a pop-up card appears on your screen – telling you about the location. This is a great app to have running for walking tours or during your bus ride!




4. Google Goggles

With google goggles you can search by simply taking a picture. Google will scan the photo and provide you with more information about the object or landmark you are interested in learning about. Want to know more about a landmark? It is as simple as saying cheese.



5. Ustream

Ustream is a website that provides you with the tools to create a live-stream. With the log-in information, parents can sign in and watch the trip live from home! It allows them to comment and ask questions about the sites you are visiting! Cool and unique way to use this innovative app!


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