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Moroccan Cooking in Fes

May 11, 2015

Moroccan cooking is like your shadow: hard to catch, mysteriously intriguing, and can be found in many different shapes and colours.

Moroccan cooking is much better than your shadow for one important reason: you can eat it. And 70% of the time, every time, you will love it.

No matter where you are in Morocco, you are going to be eating delicious food. Every dish uses fresh vegetables, meat, and spices, and everyone who makes the food might as well have a Michelin Star. Yet, as in Animal Farm, even though all Moroccan cities are equally delicious, there are some that are more equal than the others…

I’m talking about Fes. Fes is the second largest city in Morocco, and holds not one, but two medinas (old towns). The larger of the two, Fes el Bali is one of the largest car-free urban areas in the world. This means a lot of winding passages with a lot of fresh food markets. This also means it is very easy to get lost.

So how are you supposed to enjoy the delectable delights of Moroccan flavour while still findign your way back to your riad?



Never fear! Cooking tours are here!

And they are fabulous.

The normal run-down for a cooking trip is as follows:

-The company will pick you up at your hotel or riad

-They will show you the ropes for picking up spices, fruits, vegetables, dates, nuts, meat, and more

-They will also walk you through the medina with such confidence and ease, you will begin to suspect they have a GPS in their contact lenses

-You will cook and prepare a full feast under the cheerful instruction of the head chef

-Take off your apron, and do your jaw warm-ups, because you are in for a satisfying and delicious meal (all made by you)!



The best part is, you can usually specify exactly what you want ( or don’t want) to make. Tajine? Salad? ONLY DESSERTS!?!? check, check, and AWESOME CHECK.

So next time you wander past Morocco, just remember, let your gut guide you and head straight to Fes.

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