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The Countries of the World

May 15, 2015

Perhaps you remember them from when you were young.

Maybe you remember them as that annoying show that your children used to watch, and now your daughter won’t stop calling you “HEYYYY LADYYYYYYY!”.

Maybe you’ve never even heard of them. If so, then welcome to the wonderful world of the Animaniacs. You will not be disappointed, but I apologize in advance to your family as you won’t be leaving your computer for the next couple of days. Maybe then they’ll appreciate you more.

You can use the Animaniacs for a lot of things: mindless entertainment, good jokes that will impress your friends, and it can surprisingly provide some solid educational value (even if some if it is a little outdated now).

So if you or anyone you know have been pondering the question “Which country should I visit next?”, just watch this video and let Yakko explain it all to you:


Because sometimes your hopes and desires are best found through the art of the Animaniacs.

Again; this was made a long time ago, so inaccuracies are to be expected in this crazy, changing world.

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