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Old Montreal

May 28, 2015

If you want history, maple candy, cobblestone streets, and amazing food without leaving the same area: look no further. Old Montreal is a magical place full of poutine, sunshine, old churches, and waterfront promenades.

Plus, sometimes I’m there too, so good things all around.

If you do make “the most right decision ever”, and head over to Old Montreal (Vieux Montreal as the locals will say), here are some things you shouldn’t miss!

Notre Dame Basilica

This monstrous Basilica is one of those things in life that leaves you speechless. Not one person leaves this beautiful building without letting at least one “whoa” leave their mouth. The blues, golds, and more blues will delight the eye palette and the soul. It is a cheap ticket for some guaranteed jealousy-inducing pictures, and a good place to get away from all of Montreal’s coolness. Because it can get overwhelming.


The Waterfront Walkways

Water! Walkways! Sun sometimes! What more could a perfect afternoon need? Ice cream. There is so mucb ice cream here. Don’t even worry about it. Nutella? I can’t guarantee anything, but one time in from of the Science Centre there were a bunch of people handing out Nutella crepes and bunches of mini Nutella packages. Nothing is impossible.

Marche du Bonsecours

This silver-topped beauty holds nothing but treasures inside. Well, public washrooms and treasures. One and the same, really. But this historic building, that at one point in time held the Parliament, is a nice indoor break in Old Montreal with a convenience store and everything, but a fancier convenience store. Even if you don’t want to go, you can stand outside and admire the columns and the fact that it looks a bit like an American government building.


Hotel du Ville

Every city has one, but that doesn’t mean that every city hall is the same. This one has survived a fire, and my relentless taunts. Sticks and my punches may break its stones, but words can never hurt it.

What do you do when your city hall burns in a fire? Keep the surviving outer walls and use them as a shell for a secondary inner building. So cool. They also keep very nice gardens out front, in delightfully patriotic patterns.

hotel du ville

Place Jacques Cartier

This is the best place to start Old Montreal, and also to end it. It is also the best place to spend the entirety of you Old Montreal Tour. I’m kidding, but at the same time I am incredibly serious. This place has a smoothie stand in the middle of it, is a great meeting spot (just go to the statue of Nelson and STAY THERE), and is the primo supremo spot to people watch. Restaurants with patios, souvenir shops, and yes, even an ice cream parlour. This main rectangular place in Old Montreal is a nice center-piece to the well decorated table that this neighbourhood is.

Rue Saint-Paul

This cobble-stoned street is my favourite street. Possibly in the whole world. I am a sucker for cobblestone streets, pedestrian streets, good food, and secret gardens that also happen to have good food. Needless to say, my knees buckle when I’m on this street. Take a couple of minutes to stroll down it, and you’ll see just how easy it is to fall in love with a city.

rue st paul


See you all in Old Montreal!

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