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Innovative Travel Accessories that you gotta check out

May 29, 2015

Check out these handy travel accessories. Some of them are super cool.

1. The Trunkster

The Tunkster is a zipperless entry luggage system with GPS enabling, battery charging power, and a scale. It is an innovative idea and the most crowdfunded travel campaign ever! Currently available for pre-orders on their website here. 


2. Siva Cycle

If you travel via bike then this is the ultimate gadget for you. The Siva Cycle allows you to charge your electronics through the power of your own cycling! Check out their website here.


3. TEP Wireless

TEP Wireless is an easy way to get connected. Rent this small device for under 10$ a day and connect up to 5 devices to the internet anywhere you go. Don’t let roaming charges strap you down. When you’re done, pop it in the mail back to the sender and you’re good to go.

Check it out here



4. Charger Leash

Don’t forget your charger ever again. Take a look at the charger leash here. 



5. RFID Protection Wallets

Don’t be vulnerable to RFID theft when you’re traveling. Invest in a new RFID protection wallet to be safe.

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