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Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

September 25, 2015

If you’re planning a trip to the Windy City, then you’re likely to indulge in shopping, comedy, and deep dish pizza.

All are enjoyable activities, guaranteed to satisfy your Chi-town cravings.

But after a couple trips down Madison Avenue, laughing until your abs hurt, and stuffing your face full of cheesy goodness…you’re going to realise its about time that you escape the loud crowds and sky scraping office buildings to get out into the great outdoors.

…Hold Up… So you’re going to visit one of the largest cities in the United States…..just to venture outside of the city and into the wilderness?? That doesn’t quite add up.

Agreed. But, when you’re leaving the big city to go see the most iconic tourist destination of the whole state of Illinois….well then your outdoor trip doesn’t sounds so crazy anymore.

Starved Rock State Park is the most visited tourist destinations of the state. It is located approximately 2 hours outside of the big city… and that is two hours well spent if you’re with great company, and solid tunes to match.

The State Park is located in Ottawa, IL and boasts up to 13 miles of hiking trails….. That is 13 miles of pure beauty.

The hiking trails of Starved Rock State Park lead out to several rest stops overlooking the Illinois River. Boating and fishing are must-do activities along this body of water.

Starved Rock is best known for the abundance of canyons that can be found in this park. The Top-of-the-Crop canyons are the French Canyon, the Wildcat Canyon, and the Tonty Canyon ..debatably dependent on the time of year you decide to visit.

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Many of the Canyons are side by side with scenic waterfalls and outstanding rock formations.

Starved Rock Evolve Tours

Starved Rock totals an impressive 18 canyons in the park. These canyons were created by both glacial-melt and steam erosion.

Starved Rock, IL

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