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A Guide to Melbourne’s Coffee Scene

October 14, 2015

Melbourne, Australia is more than surfing, shopping, and sun.


How do all those beach bums keep their energy high to catch the afternoon tides?


It’s simple. Coffee.

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Melbourne is full of coffee addicts. And it is guaranteed that after travelling there, you too will fall victim to this trend.


Even just take a look at our post about the 9 ways that Australia will change you, and you can see for yourself


But first step is first, you have to know HOW to order a coffee in Melbourne in order to satisfy your craving.


A Guide to Melbourne’s Coffee Scene



Latte.Melbourne. Coffee. Evolve. Travel

A latte is usually the coffee of choice amongst Melbournians.

A latte uses a single shot of espresso as a base (unless ordered strong), and then is filled with steamed milk, with a layer of froth left at the top.

The milk used is usually 3.25 %, unless specified that you would like a skinny latte.


Long Black

longBlack.Coffee.Melbourne. Travel. EvolveTours. Evolve


A long black is joked to be the drink of business men. A long black is a single shot of espresso (unless ordered strong), which is then filled with hot water. This is the same as an Americano.  It is typically the closest coffee you will find if you are craving a North American brew.


Short Black

ShortBlack. Melbourne. Coffee. Evolve . Tours. Travel

A Short black coffee takes a single shot of espresso.




Cappuccino. Melbourne. Coffee. Australia. Travel. Evolve

A Cappuccino is similar to a latte in the sense that it takes an equal shot of espresso which is topped off with steamed milk. A cappuccino however has an added layer of froth a top the coffee. Generally, the top half of the mug is foam. It is served in a mug rather than in a latte cup.




Machiato.Evolve. Melbourne. Coffee


An austraian macchiato takes a single shot of espresso, and adds a top layer of steamed froth.




Mocha. Melbourne. Coffee. Evolve


A mocha combines one shot of espresso with one shot of hot chocolate. It is then topped off with steamed milk and a chocolate sprinkle.




AFFOGATOMelbourne. Evolve. Coffee


An affogato is a tasty delicacy. a single shot of espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



Flat White

Flat White. Melbourne. Coffee. Evolve


A flat white is a mixture of a cappuccino and a latte. A flat white is served in a mug, as is a cappuccino, however is toped off with less foam than a regular cappuccino. It is essentially a latte served in a mug rather than in a glass. This is debateable. Read this link about the ongoing battle about the difference between a flat white and small latte.



Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee. Melbourne. Coffee. Evolve

If you are about to order an iced coffee in Australia, you better know that you are ordering dessert. Iced coffees are served with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream mixed with a shot of espresso, and filled to the top with whole milk.




Babycinno. Evolve. Melbourne. Coffee

Melbourne sure does love coffee! They even have a drink for the kids! A mini mug filled with steamed milk froth will do the trick!

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