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Evolve Tours Offers Discounts to celebrate the latest Work-to-Rule development

November 4, 2015
Ontario Schools have one more thing to be excited about today: Evolve Tours is offering discounts to elementary schools province-wide.


Ontario Students, Teachers and Parents have certainly been through a lot this past year, but things are looking up. 


Things took a turn for the better on Monday when Liz Sandals, the Ontario Education Minister, announced that a tentative agreement has been met. 


Here at Evolve Tours, we think that this recent development should come hand in hand with some celebration. We are therefore offering Spring Discounts to elementary schools province-wide.










The good news came Monday evening, when Liz Sandals made a formal announcement that the ETFO and the Government of Ontario have come to a temporary agreement, ending the Work-To-Rule action in it’s fourth phase. 


With the November 1st date coming and passing, tensions rose due to the Wynn ultimatum. Then, just Monday after long hours of negotiations, a tentative agreement was decided upon.


This agreement means that the Work-to-Rule has come to an end, and that chances of strikes have dwindled significantly.


Students, Teachers, and Parents can look forward to the return of full-fledges extra curricular activities, parent teacher interviews, and full-comment detailed report cards. 


Liz Sandals


One significant take-away from this whole debacle is just how much schooling goes on beyond the classroom.

Lately, administrative work by teachers has been cut to a near none. In turn, we’ve seen less club meetings, field trips, and teacher-run extra curriculars. This has terribly hindered students. It has become evident that student’s education is drastically heightened when education goes beyond the classroom itself.


Learning outside of the classroom is a significant experience with lasting impressions, We’re happy to see the return of out-of-classroom learning initiatives.

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With all of this in mind, we want to get as many students as we can out on educational trips this upcoming spring. We feel it is important that they extend their learning experience beyond the classroom and into the world outside of their elementary school.


With the return of administrative tasks this is now a viable option for schools, parents, and students.


Evolve Tours runs educational trips both domestically and internationally, that help teach students in a hands-on and practical way that they will never forget.


Sign up for an Evolve Tours Educational Trip for this spring, and receive a discounted group rate for your class! 


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