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25 Japanese foods we can’t live without

November 8, 2016

Throughout our travels in Japan we have been enthralled with the food across the country. In every city and town that we have traveled to with our school groups there is something new and exciting to eat.

From the obvious sushi trains in Tokyo to the delectable curry dishes in Hiroshima, the food is so tasty across Japan. Check out this interesting article on food in Japan that you might experience on a Japan educational tour with Evolve Tours.

“Japan is often called a “Galapagos” when it comes to technology, as the country’s cultural isolation tends to produce innovations found nowhere else in the world.

The same can be said about its food.
Japan is a culinary wonderland thanks to its unique heritage, a national obsession with cuisine and an almost religious embrace of freshness and perfect production.
The result is the following 25 edible treasures that we can never get enough of.”

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