Our Ottawa Student Tour – A School Trip to Remember!

Our Ottawa Student Tour – A School Trip to Remember!

January 5, 2017

Day 1 – Ottawa Student Tour

We departed to explore our nation’s capital on an Ottawa student tour. After a short ride, we arrived to our first stop of the trip, the Supreme Court of Canada. Throughout our guided tour students had the opportunity to become better acquainted with Canada’s highest court and familiarized with the complex operation of the Canadian judicial system, and how legal issues of public importance are resolved by the five Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. Our second stop was a guided tour of Parliament. Students were able to visit the iconic Parliamentary Library, as well as set foot in the Senate Chamber and learn about the impressive paintings and the history behind the painted ceiling. After dinner and hotel check-in, we headed to Carleton University to enjoy a night of swimming and diving.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa
Parliament Hill

Day 2 – Ottawa Student Tour

Day two started with the best way possible, a hike through the serene and picturesque Gatineau Park. Only about 40 minutes away from busy downtown Ottawa, you can experience nature, relax and enjoy some fresh air; Gatineau Park provides habitat for species of birds, beavers, wolves and deer. Next on the itinerary, we headed to Victoria Island for the Legends workshop through Aboriginal Experiences. Our guide shared creation stories, hunting techniques, and taught us how to differentiate animal fur and their quality. Students were able to ask as many questions as they had about the way of living, symbols, beliefs and language of the Canadian First Nations. For lunch we choose the Byward Market, a key location for delicious local food, souvenirs and beaver tails in the city. YUM!

Exploring beautiful Gatineau Park
Exploring beautiful Gatineau Park

After lunch the Evolve guides led a driving tour through Sussex Dr. passing by the National Bank of Canada, Rideau Hall, the Prime Minister’s residence, government buildings and various embassies. We continued learning and exploring the city with our Ottawa walking tour, where we told the stories of Charles Hays and his Château Laurier, Princess Juliana and the Tulip Festival, as well as Louise Bourgeois and Maman. For our last night in Ottawa we planned an Evolve Bowling Tournament! This activity turned out be the highlight of the trip for many as even the teachers teamed up to compete for the final prize.

Day 3 – Ottawa Student Tour

After a warm and tasty breakfast on our last day, we drove to the War Museum for a guided tour through the galleries and special exhibitions of the museum; The Cold War, Memorial Hall, The Second World War, The South African and First World War, as well as the powerful Regeneration Hall. An unforgettable experience for many of the students as the majority of them were lucky enough to chat with a Volunteer Veteran at the museum. For our final destination we went outside of the city to visit the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum, a 10,000 square foot underground bunker that was made to house 535 Canadian government officials and military officers in the event of a nuclear war, it was designed and built in secrecy during the Cold War fear.

History at the War Museum in Ottawa
Learn about Canada’s military (and peacekeeping) history at the War Museum in Ottawa

Our Ottawa student tour was definitely filled with precious moments that will turn into unforgettable memories. What a great trip.


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