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Five Reasons to Bike Copenhagen

February 20, 2017

Five Reasons to Bike Copenhagen

Copenhagen is consistently voted one of the coolest cities with the happiest people in the world. Maybe it is because they eat so much smorrebrod (open-faced sandwiches) and Danish pastries, or because they can end each day by going to one of the oldest theme parks in the world (Tivoli).

We may never know what the real secret is, but I believe that bike Copenhagen culture is a really big part of it. Instead of spending their daily commute in a car or underground, people in Copenhagen zoom around the city on colourful bikes. Get out of your car or off the bus and let’s go bike Copenhagen!

Here are five reasons to convince you to become a “Biking Viking” when you travel to Copenhagen.

A very literal biking viking
A very literal biking viking
  1. Welcoming for Every Level of Biker

    The relaxed pace of the city is reflected directly in its bike traffic. Very few bikers are in a rush, and all follow the rules of the road. If you are a slower biker, just keep to the right, and you’ll receive nothing but respectful nods on the road. If you’re a speed demon, you may want to be prepared to nod respectfully to the people on the right. This is one of the few cities where it is actually less stressful to bike instead of drive.

  2. Great for Group Travel

    What better way to bond as a group than feel the wind in your helmeted hair as you cross rivers, streets, and parks on a metal frame with wheels? Groups can easily stick together on the bike paths of the city, and there are always spots to pull over, talk about the local scenery, and high-five each other. Everyone gets to participate, stick together, and have fun!

    It is common to see tour groups of bikes in Copenhagen
    It is common to see tour groups of bikes in Copenhagen
  3. Best Way to See Neighborhoods in City

    Copenhagen is like multiple cities within one boundary. Each neighborhood has such a distinctive personality, style of architecture, and history that it’s like the ultimate 10-for-one deal. Biking is the perfect way to see and get a feel for the entire place, unless you have an entire year to walk everywhere. In which case, that sounds awesome, you do you.

  4. A City Built for Bikers

    As a refreshing change of pace, Copenhagen puts bikers first in their infrastructure, rather than hastily adding bike lanes fifteen years later. They have special traffic lights for bikers telling them to speed up or slow down to make the next light, and their lanes are roomy enough for bikes of all shapes and sizes to enjoy. Because of this, Copenhagen is an extremely safe place to bike in, as well as cost and time-efficient. Biking in Copenhagen is as much a part of the culture as the Danish language

    The Cykelslangen (soo-cool-klag-en), or Cycle Snake, is the city's newest elevated skyway designed exclusively for cyclists
    The Cykelslangen (soo-cool-klag-en), or Cycle Snake, is the city’s newest elevated skyway designed exclusively for cyclists
  5. Feel Like a Local

    The sweetest part of traveling abroad is when you hit a point of feeling like you belong there. This includes navigating the city by bike and aggressively ringing your bell at pedestrians. You are now, after all, your very own “Biking Viking”.

    Copenhagen residents commuting around town
    Copenhagen residents commuting around town
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