Evolve ToursReconnecting with Mother Earth an a Costa Rica School Trip  

Reconnecting with Mother Earth an a Costa Rica School Trip

July 23, 2018

Costa Rica School Trip

We took a group of students from Toronto on a one of a kind Costa Rica school trip.  Their strong team spirit and drive allowed them to bond while make a valuable contribution to the local community.


Ticos, the people from Costa Rica, are known to be some of the happiest people in the planet. There are definitely  many things the rest of the world can learn from them.

After the military was abolished in 1948, the government allocated that budget to provide sustainable resources that support social aid causes, education, culture and the arts. This has exponentially improved the quality of life of the entire population.

Ticos are kind to locals and visitors alike; they have a strong connection with nature, and enjoy the simple things in life.  They have access to high quality health services, and enjoy a stress-free life. Perhaps, that explains why the life expectancy in the country is among the highest in the world.

Costa Rica Ecosystem

The first half of the trip at Rancho Mastatal, was spectacular. We enjoyed incredible views of the rainforest, and participated in the development of projects including turmeric and black pepper harvesting, and sustainable building.

We experienced the country’s biodiversity first hand when we hiked to the waterfalls, swam in the river, and ate fruits directly from the trees. We learned how to make chocolate from scratch at a local chocolate factory. The Rancho was also an amazing culinary experience. Everything we ate was grown there. The food was clean, organic, and delicious. It felt like we were eating life itself!

Giving Back

The second half of the school trip was a combination of adventure and giving back to the community.  We worked in teams when rafting at the Sagreve River, we surfed in Uvita, a beautiful beach town, and learned how to dance Salsa with the locals. Pura vida!

It was inspiring to see this group of students building tables at a school so the kids of local single mothers can have a safe space for learning, while their moms work.

We reflected on how privileged we are about living in a country like Canada. Costa Rica was a humbling experience that made the students aware of the role they are going to play in society in the near future, and how they can use their privilege to make the world a better place.

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Written by: David Mendoza

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