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Blue Mountain Blog – Searching for Adventure

September 26, 2019

Scenic Views

The students who participated in the three-day Blue Mountain trip had the incredible opportunity to explore the beautiful aspects of the surrounding area, as well as the mountains themselves.  Through opportunities such as the Gondola rides which showed stunning views of the Blue Mountain area, students were able to geographically understand and appreciate Canada more in its incredible beauty. Additionally, it gave the students the valuable knowledge of what ski areas in Canada look like, and initiatives ski resorts are including in their programming to keep the resorts useful and open to the public all year round. Although most Canadians have been to ski resorts in the winter, it is both interesting and important for students to know that the environment here is beautiful in all seasons. Blue Mountain has also created a stunning village, which was both safe and close by for the students to look at, simulating the iconic ski village idea which Canada is known for.

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Magical Movie Night

Moreover, the students were able to appreciate and embrace the incredibly beautiful environment of Blue Mountain during their Movie Under the Stars activity wherein they got the unique opportunity to sit in the village after nightfall and watch an age appropriate movie in the open air, with a full view of the stars and atmosphere in the mountain area at night. The movie was set up on a stage in the Blue Mountain Village with chairs for the students to view the film. Other activities such as the extensive ziplining course set up on the Blue Mountain property gave students a safe yet beautiful opportunity to take the the nature of the surrounding area from a birds eye view. Better yet, to get to the ziplining area, students must first do a short but incredible walk up to the hill where the ziplining launches from, where they get to experience the covered canopy of the forest and take in the birds, plants and small forest animals living there. This gives the students the opportunity to observe naturally some of the plants and animals native to Canada and which make it so beautiful.

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